Increase Funding To the Police

Show this to morons “protesting” over how horrible the police are—

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. They don’t care – this is about a power-grab by fascists backed by their Brownshirts in the streets.

    Find the funders!

  2. I can think of only one fix to the current issue of ‘bad cops’. It has nothing to do with training, it has nothing to do with procedures or equipment. That fix is to end the power of the police unions, the power to keep bad cops in place and to promote based upon seniority and ‘diversity’. Allow the bad ones to be cleared out and there will be far less trouble.
    That said, I think about 100% of the supposed examples from this year are cops doing a reasonable job and the story being improperly contextualized (that’s a 2020 term, right?)
    Oh, this applies to teachers’ unions too, and to others.

  3. Increase funding AND lock up these criminal scumbags. I read the officer killed had arrested this s*$t stain 14 years ago, the guy is a felon, has a LONG list of crimes and barely spent any time in prison. And of course as a felon he wasn’t legally able to have a gun. I thought OK was tougher on crime. I hope he gets the death penalty.

  4. This case has been in the news a lot lately in Tulsa. The DA didn’t want the video released, wanted it saved for the trial. The scumbag’s lawyer is the one that pushed for it to be released, hoping it would help his client. I don’t see how it could. The chief of police was adamant about not releasing it, not wanting the death of one of his men put out for entertainment. But the judge sided with the criminal.

  5. I also agree with DAN!
    Bad cops and bad teachers should be unemployed!

    but this problem has been around for at least 70 years; maybe longer!

    For those under 50 Ronny tried to solve both 38, 39 years ago. UNIPARTY blocked him.


  6. My thoughts and prayers go out to those (and their families) who are willing to put their lives on the line. They never know what will happen, but they still do the job. They are trained to give the perps every chance to give up and often that means these heroes give up their lives.

    f*** everyone who thinks the police are the problem.

  7. @ an ol exjarhead – thank you for your service!!

    As a teacher, I agree with you. Fortunately, I am not required to join the local union, so I can easily say that those who are in place because of the unions should be ousted. Until that happens, the “Ute’s of America” will continue to be indoctrinated.


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