Independent Reporter Confirms That Biden Admin. Has Been Aware Of Chinese Spy Balloons For At Least A Year – IOTW Report

Independent Reporter Confirms That Biden Admin. Has Been Aware Of Chinese Spy Balloons For At Least A Year

100%FedUp: As concerns continue to mount over the presence of Chinese spy balloons in the United States, reports are emerging that the balloons have been a persistent problem both in the United States and across the world.

This week, it was revealed that spy balloons released by China are also flying over Latin America, just as it has been revealed that the United States government has been aware of similar issues for at least a year, if not longer.

The fact that the problem has existed for years begs the question of why the Biden administration was not prepared with a response when it was revealed that spy balloons were flying over the northern United States.

In a thread compiled by an independent reporter, multiple countries, including India and Japan, have reported the presence of Chinese spy balloons.

The United States has also been aware of the presence of such balloons in Hawaii for almost a year now. more

23 Comments on Independent Reporter Confirms That Biden Admin. Has Been Aware Of Chinese Spy Balloons For At Least A Year

  1. Probably too busy with case work to prosecute Hunter & Joe to deal with balloons.


  2. I am the spy in the sky, looking at you
    I can read your mind
    I am the maker of rules, dealing with fools
    I can cheat you blind
    And I don’t need to see any more…

  3. Rubio just said this hasn’t been the first. So it’s no big secret on the hill. If this countries going to survive the first thing we need to do is get rid of every “Political” General and get fighters in there that care about our country. ASAP

  4. Admittedly, it’s not worth rehashing the importance of election integrity since every person here has felt Biden’s premeditated destruction of our institutions, but we keep getting reminded with instances like this, that none of this would have happened under Trump.

    We would have 2 dollar gas, affordable food, 300 thousand plus alive Ukrainians, 5 million fewer illegals threatening our safety and burdening our welfare system, and foreign powers like China would think twice about poking the bear. The world would be a much safer place and the life of the average American would be exponentially better.

  5. Agreed Rich.
    Now it’s up to Trump & the republican party that he gets elected next term.
    They re-elected Rona so I have little hope things will change.
    If they do get the message, it means we focus on ballot harvesting, getting out the early vote, preemptive lawfare against dem cheating, etc.

    Trump also needs to purge the morons and backstabbers around him.
    No more talking to assholes that turn around and fuck him over with a book or hosting deal.
    No more attacking the only guy that did shit right during covid, Gov. DeSantis with your bullshiot lies Mr. Trump…

    He is off twitter which is good.
    Of course he is only off because of truth social, which is a joke.
    He may soon be back on twitter where he will make sure to piss off stupid Midwest housewives with ridiculous comments, ensuring they become “Never-Trumpers.”

    So yes Rich, the stakes are so fucking high I certainly hope Trump is aware of the consequences of his actions.

  6. He still hasn’t figured out That Dr. Jill isn’t a Proctologist and was just shoving a Nikon up his ass to get even for pissing the bed.

  7. LBS,

    I agree with you.
    Its about time that Trump & DeSantis figure shit out.
    Trump flinging shit at him is VERY UNPRODUCTIVE.

  8. I wonder how much the DeSantis campaign is paying Loco. Or does he have a post of the guy above his bed like the young girls did with Peter Frampton back in the day.

    DeSantis is 100% Bush Deep State.

  9. Kcir

    Think back about all the crazy accusations Trumps made about people. The outlandish criticisms. The mean tweets. How many times has he been right? EVERY DAMN TIME. Lot of short memories around here.

  10. The balloons are ours…that is why the top secret wording and non answers. Made by a subsidiary of Alphabet and purchased by the US Military. They are highly sophisticated and target optimized to map out tech info such as hate speech, gun ownership, color, supremacy complex, Prepper activity, house target info etc etc.. We did not shoot it down until it’s mission was complete…in the Atlantic. Even portions of its recovery are Classified and the next three days will be devoted to honing the propaganda. Even China will take the blame because we gave them the ok to murder thirty million Taiwanese plus reduce the Biden payments…Lies galore over the next days because this info , post Coup, is being collated for the Purge when you attempt to grasp the hundred pronged attack …

  11. Of course he does. He allowed the damn thing to literally track across our entire country and all our key AF bases and collect intelligence until it no longer mattered if we shot it down or not.

    Now they will all take a victory lap with the current weak lame ass excuse that we were just collecting on the collectors.

    The same level of BS as the danger to civilians excuse.

    Bottom line the Pedo is a fucking coward and taitor. They are all traitors and rubbing our faces in it, just like the Chicoms.

    I figured it out, the whole ordeal was just a giant fuck you to America from China and China Pedo…

  12. We do not want you to know our methods of the balloon recovery because they are highly secretive….this was the first part of the explanation about the Atlantic operation…everyone is being fooled and it amazes me how our perceptions are so controlled..

  13. These are Spy Balloons just like there was WMDs in Iraq. Modern satellites can read number plates from space why the need to use a balloon? Because the Ukraine/Russian narrative is falling apart . . . No problem. Change the narrative: China! China! China!

  14. That is pretty rich Brad.
    YOU are the one who is such a sycophant that you can’t stand one iota of Trump criticism.
    Tell me though, how can Trump claim “fake news” on MSM when he is doing just that against DeSantis?
    Last week some nobody on Twitchy had a thread debunking one by one, the bullshit Trump was saying about DeSantis.

    Trump is a dumbass if he goes after DeSantis.
    He should instead take a page out of Ron’s playbook.
    RD got a huge number of dems to vote for him.
    How? Certainly not by promising dem bullshit & reparations.

    Ron does Trump shit without the baggage, drama, hyperbole, and hysteria.
    That is how it is done!
    Dems can’t cheat their way out of a landslide defeat.
    But go ahead, when biden* gets re-elected you can bask in your Trump hat and bumper stickers…

  15. Hey Brad, how about I send you a poster from 2020 at the White House podium where Fauci & Birx have taken over running the country while Trump just stands neutered & silent in the background.

    Tell me again about DeSantis’s poor response to covid?
    Good GOD man!

  16. Hey Loony. I mean LOCO.

    Just want to remind you back in 2015 you were a Cruz fan boy just like you are enamored with DeSantis. And we all know how that turned out.

  17. Yes all true, but a beloved governor who just won a state by 20 points that voted twice for obama does not compare even remotely to Ted Cruz.

    See, Trump called RDS “DeSantimonious” and everyone said that was the dumbest shit ever.
    That schtick will not work on Ron.

    Ron has a record of a juggernaut that is plain to see from miles away.
    If Trump were smart, he would laud Ron’s achievements, not fear & lie about them.
    Trump better back off the outright lies and run on his record and what he would do in a second term.
    However, we ALL know the man can’t help himself.
    That is all…

  18. The race supremacist Joe Biden was also aware he purposfully hid those top secret docs then lent them to his idjit son to peddle to the communist chinese.

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