India and China Fight Border Conflict

India and China are once again in a conflict over disputed border territory. This follows a pattern of the Chinese Communist Party escalating military actions against its neighbors in the South China Sea, Taiwan, and Japan as the world is distracted by the coronavirus pandemic. But there’s a difference with this conflict between India and China. And Taiwan and the World Health Organization (WHO) might be the reason.

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  1. China is a royal fucking pain in the ass. Any government that directs people to scoop eyeballs out of living poor souls is beyond sick.

    OTOH our enlightened pols in DC fed PP over $600 million this year. I guess we don’t want to ship those baby organ harvesting jobs over seas.

  2. India and China don’t like each other, they’ve been fighting with each other for a long time but it has been low key enough that it mostly goes unnoticed.

    That’s the reason they both have nukes, throw in Pakistan and you get an even more interesting situation.

    If things break out big time it will be interesting to see who wins, and who else will be drawn into the conflict with them.

    Any guesses?

  3. Don’t waste American lives and tax dollars on conflicts that end up with us only getting honorable mention or second place in the history books. And all our elites kids don’t have to actually fight, die and return all chewed up.

  4. Let them nuke it out! Might prevent future pandemics, and I might be able to talk to someone speaking English I can understand for future customer service issues.

  5. “India and China Fight Border Conflict”

    “India and China Fight ANOTHER Border Conflict”

    Fixed it for ya.
    Communist expansionism has killed more people than Wuhan Flu – combined with all the other flus of the world, combined.

    izlamo delenda est …


    You both should be focusing on the Muslims in your own country. Why not band together and find a solution to that one, then go back to throwing rocks.

  7. They are fighting over 2 acres of land 20,000 feet up in the Himalayas.

    Whoever wins gets to settle 100,000 people there. Both countries need additional space.

    Right now, it’s a war of insults across the border.

    Indian soldier to Chinese soldier: Yo momma wears army boots!
    Chinese soldier to Indian soldier: Yo sista’s got the syph!
    Indian soldier: You people eat snakes and bats!
    Chinese soldier: Your body odor reeks of curry!

  8. If China takes out India, I doubt we’d see any improvement in Microsoft’s customer service with ESL Chinese…


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