India: Spoiled Brat Pushes BMW Into River Because His Parents Didn’t Buy Him A Jaguar


A 22-year-old man from India was upset that his parents bought him a BMW M3 for his birthday instead of a Jaguar, so he pushed the brand new car into a river. The man, identified only as Akash, told police he was mad because his parents knew he wanted the more expensive car but got him the BMW anyway.

In India, a BMW costs roughly $50,000 while a Jaguar can cost around $70,000.

Akash shared a video on social media of his brand new car floating away. The BMW eventually got stuck on a patch of grass in the middle of the river, causing Akash to jump into the water to go after it. read more

21 Comments on India: Spoiled Brat Pushes BMW Into River Because His Parents Didn’t Buy Him A Jaguar

  1. I’m sensing a BOLLYWOOD musical coming soon, based on this….

    (…with a cameo by the Seinfeld Soup Nazi: “No sambar for YOU!”)

  2. Mother wags her head left and right, points her finger at son and shouts, “Just wait ’til your father comes home from his H-1B1 visa in San Francisco!”

  3. @ Left Coast Dan AUGUST 14, 2019 AT 4:43 PM

    You name a place where hereditary classes of society are all but fixed and income inequality makes capitalism look like an egalitarian paradise and I will show you a leftist wet dream. The hypocrisy of the repugnant pieces of shit knows no bounds.

  4. Wambam, my sentiments exactly, his parents should trade him on a new kid, one who isn’t such a spoiled, ungrateful asshole. I got a new set of bias ply tires for my 55 Chevy station wagon when I graduated from HS in 1971 and I was happy with that.

  5. His parents should threaten to cut him out of the will, unless he drives only that same car for the next 30 years.

    Enjoy that smell, and those electrical problems, you dumb prick

  6. IMHO the parents are completely to blame.
    The upbringing of a child is the full responsibility of Mom and/or Dad.

  7. Cant relate. Not only did folks never buy me a car; the bike I got for Christmas ’50 was half paid by them and half the result of my lawn mowing fees – got a nickle a yard from neighbors.

    later, I and 17 of my cousins, proved GWB wrong- we did farm labor to pay for college! Every 1 of us has at least a BS!

    Only Bush and Obama can relate to this!

  8. Dam nice car or was,The M3 is a hopped
    up 3 series.Darn respectable handling
    and speed.Alot of cool hot rod parts for
    the M series Bimmers available.I would MUCH
    rather have the Bimmer.

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