Indian Muslim Women Continue Fight Against Instant Divorce

ClarionProject: Muslim women in India are currently fighting the legal backing for triple talaq divorces – divorces that occur after a man has said talaq three times, whether these be said consecutively or not, or even not verbalized in person – texts, social media posts, letters and telephone calls are all acceptable.

This kind of divorce is particularly harmful to women because it makes them vulnerable to a divorce that can come out of nowhere and leaves them with no room to participate.

Triple talaq is a part of “Muslim Personal Law that follows the tenets of the Islamic faith as interpreted by local imams and religious schools across India.”

While Muslim women in India have gone to court seeking maintenance or financial support from their ex-husband following one of these instant divorces since the 1980s, this is the first time these women have come together in a unified attempt to abolish this form of divorce.    more

11 Comments on Indian Muslim Women Continue Fight Against Instant Divorce

  1. If they say Talaq thee times while clicking their heels together three times, Do they get the power of invisibility too?….

  2. You’re in a 7th century political ideology (I refuse to call “it” a “religion” any longer). What do you expect? If it hasn’t changed one jot or tittle since Moon Worshipping Mo founded the cult, what makes you think you can start changing it now?

  3. Don’t worry ladies…after he fucks the whore he married for 15 minutes, he’ll divorce her and marry you again.

  4. My recommendation is for the women to leave the muslim areas, convert and leave those apes alone with their dicks in their hand.

  5. Well Ladies, you chose the muslim way, don’t bitch now.
    What did you expect following a perverted pedophile false prophet who murdered and raped women just for pleasure?

  6. I’m with Cato. They knew what they were getting into before they got married.
    My teeny tiny violin is out being re-strung. Whatever, bitches.

  7. Simply “saying” talaq 3 times works ?? Is that like saying “no gets” ?

  8. In the American ‘hood, they jus say “Fuck yo, Ho!” once. But then, the women never got married in the first place.

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