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Indiana: Drugs laced with bug spray have zombie-like effects INDIANAPOLIS — KD. Katie. Zombie.

A common street name for a variety of drugs, KD has taken on a frightening form on Indianapolis’ east side.

Users writhing on the ground, wide-eyed and struggling to breathe. Standing but moving in slow motion. Sweating. Convulsing.

Indianapolis firefighter Scott Lebherz told The Indianapolis Star this variation of KD can take many forms — marijuana, spice, tobacco, even banana leaves — but shares a common trait: all are laced with a heavy-duty household bug spray.

It’s cheap — you can buy a bag for about $20, Lebherz said — and it gives users a 45-minute, zombie-like high that leaves them nearly catatonic.

“You look at what it does to a bug,” he said, “and then you got to think what it’s doing to your brain, and your body and everything else.”    more here

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  1. BB NO! They turn into giant
    mutant cock roaches. You do own
    a Mossburg 12Ga. capable of 3 1/4″
    magnum shells no ?

  2. That’s what happens when I don’t mix the Chemical quite strong enough to Kill Insects, they stagger around Slo-Mo and experience half Death. They don’t come back normal.

  3. Now they’ll start locking up bug spray.
    Anything else being used inappropriately so I can stock up ahead of time to avoid the rush?

  4. It costs $20? That’s way too much. It should be free for anyone stupid and useless enough to want to do it.

  5. It sounds like nothing more than people trying to kill themselves and the selfish EMTs are foiling them.

  6. Well slap me with a dead cat. And here I thought spraying marijuana buds with mercury in order to increase it’s weight and value was the sure fire way to go.


  7. Wait until the tide pod crowd discovers you can buy a gallon of Roundup for $9.

    Eradicating the Left may be as simple as suggesting that readily available poisons are actually mind-expanding aphrodisiacs.

  8. the world has long lost it’s humanity … there is no longer any depravity or behavior that low enough or condemnable
    so, I come back to my, months ago, earlier suggestion to rent out idle stadiums, allow any druggie the drug/chemical of their choice, fill the stands w/ spectators that bet on who OD’s the fastest … give out t-shirts to the survivors
    concessions alone & cable access will pay for this … #1 show, guaranteed!
    … weed the garden, folks … win the war … weed the garden

  9. Aaron Burr
    Mercury is lots more expensive then weed. I”m not saying you’re wrong ya understand. But that doesn’t pencil.

  10. Brad, but it scares the shit out of pot smokers. I smoked for years, but I usually knew the guy that grew the buds. Now with state regulated marijuana you don’t know what’s in it. I bought some buds from a state store a couple times and I don’t know what the hell is in it but it hurt to smoke it. I never even see it any more, I’m done. I think there is something being put in it or on it. Maybe not Mercury, but something.

  11. If it’s from texas, it does indeed have mercury on it. And Brad, please take into your calculations that mercury isn’t expensive if you steal it.

    The point is, buy through me. Your trusted source for weapons of death since 1998.

    I mean weaponized pharmaceuticals of course….. hmmm. That doesn’t sound appealing either….

    Look, people, stick to booze. I own stock in that so it must be good for you.

  12. I’m an old fuck. So I’m not digging the legalization of weed. For one simple reason, if filtered cigarettes cause cancer weed is a cancer epidemic. Having said that, Ive enjoyed amazing benefits from CBD sub linguals and rubs. If you are old and hurt, those sub linguals are the shit. Just sayen.

  13. Seems like a reasonable application of insecticide to me. Apply liberally so they won’t reproduce.

  14. Raid….

    Kills thugs dead!

    Gotta love it when people who are typically on Govt. assistance, commit crime, and vote demonrat (so basically a parasite) decide to attack themselves with a weak nerve agent.

    Can we please just give them some sarin or VX and get it done?


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