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Indiana Health Department Nurse Claims Fourth Graders Experiment with Anal Sex

Chauna Leigh Holder has called antiracist education ‘essential’.

WFB: A school board candidate in a deep red Indiana county claimed on a public school Zoom call that children as young as fourth grade have “experimented with anal sex,” infuriating local parents who said the district held the event “without parental consent and transparency.”

Chauna Leigh Holder, a self-described “child health advocate,” joined a Hamilton Southeastern schools panel to discuss how teachers can advocate for LGBT students. Holder, an Indiana State Health Department nurse, also claimed that her “students in fifth, sixth, [and] seventh grade,” are “questioning” and “exploring” their sexualities.

The Hamilton Southeastern district is located in a county that former president Donald Trump carried by 7 points in 2020. Governor Eric Holcomb (R.) won the county by a 30-point margin. Holder’s comments and the district’s own promotion of a conversation on student sexuality show that the radicalization of K-12 education extends far beyond traditionally blue states.

Holder’s comments angered parents and a former Hamilton Southeastern science teacher, who say it’s “highly inappropriate” for the district to host such sensitive conversations about children. more here

Hamilton Southeastern schools <— School Board meetings.

Indiana State Health Department <– Contact info.

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  1. Old news.

    They pulled off that shit in Canuckistan’s Toronto District School Board (TDSB) 10 years ago & linked to websites suggesting kids try vegetables and get together to masturbate.

    Continual Pathetic math scores but Priorities Eh!

    Once again, I’m just here to let you know where the Democrats are leading you.

  2. @ Obamaplease
    You are right. Incest is shockingly prevalent within her demographic. I’ve spoken to many elementary school teachers who gave me the disturbing stats and some had to quit the profession because of the trauma they faced just dealing with it. It’s one of society’s dirty secrets that can’t be discussed because of political correctness.

  3. Whatever gave them that idea?

    Rhetorical question

    I know, as does anyone with a lick of common sense, knows that if true EXACTLY where they got the idea to go digging around in their asshole.

    It is not normal to dig around in your asshole. Damn degenerates teaching kids this stuff.

  4. I’m sort of leaning towards the belief that Indiana health department workers are “experimenting” in anal sex with children.

  5. In that photo in the linked article, it looks like the stump she is sitting on is going up her butt. The stump is buried in those massive haunches of hers. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Sad to think how many can not account for their own ignorance and/or stupidity.


    Just how far are we willing to let them push US??

    We seem to be without a leader.

    Even Alfred E. Newman might make a contender at this point.

    Hopefully someone more astute may offer their services.

  7. Hey democrat motherfuckers, being raped by a degenerate faggot when you’re 10 years old isn’t “experimenting with anal sex”.

  8. Kamala Harris must have had her ass drilled so many times by Willie Brown – and friends – that Biden should name her “Ass Sex Czar”, so fourth graders can get it right.

  9. Fourth Grade???? BullShit.

    I barley knew I had sexual feelings and, looking back, I’m sure I was sexually well ahead of my peers.

    Anal sex???? No way!

    These degenerate bastards are hoping no one is paying attention to their perverted dreams.

  10. It’s all about persistent conditioning. When it’s acceptable for children to have sex, then the door is wide open for anything.


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