Indiana: Local News Report Highlights National Media’s Lacking Indiana Abortionist Coverage


New reporting from WANE 15 News, Fort Wayne’s CBS affiliate, helps explain an important point about the national media’s coverage of mass abortionist Ulrich Klopfer. The network aired a lengthy segment this week on what anchor Terra Brantley described as “a discovery so disturbing, it left us all speechless.”

That discovery, of course, was more the than 2,000 fetal remains found in Klopfer’s home after his passing in September. “This story is neither pro-life nor pro choice,” Brantley said in introducing the segment. “It’s an investigation of how a doctor broke the law by taking home fetal remains and how to make sure something like that never happens again.”

Reporter Kaitor Kay’s in-depth feature on Klopfer’s legacy of horror is nothing short of harrowing. Victims interviewed share deeply unsettling accounts of their experiences with Klopfer. It’s a remarkable piece of reporting. So remarkable it’s a wonder the national media hasn’t produced something similar. watch

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  1. Uhm, read up on some of the patient reviews of this guy. Some kind of twisted bedside manner, they even had a “cleanup” doctor on standby.

  2. “So remarkable it’s a wonder the national media hasn’t produced something similar.“

    It’s almost as if the national media has an agenda, or something.

  3. I don’t play a doctor on the internet, so maybe this is a completely wrong wild as guess. But if I were a cosmetic surgeon, cutting off women’s little toes, so their shoes would fit their ginormous clod hoppers, better, wouldn’t somebody else, in the office, notice… after a few thou… I mean, a few hund… I mean, uh, a few dozen… toes disappeared, after the “procedure”, that something was going on? When Doctor Internets was “working”?

  4. Abortionists are evil, so why is anyone surprised when it’s found out they do these things with the bodies?

    Outside of the women who pleaded they didn’t want to do it, I can’t really have much sympathy for them. They wanted their baby dead and didn’t care enough at the time they killed it where it’s body would end up.

    I do think it’s a good thing these evil doctors are being exposed, but good luck ever getting a demoncrat or national media to ever acknowledge it.

    On edit: Or a libertarian because as I found out this past election year when several got themselves on the ballot, they’re all for abortion, because it’s the right of a woman.

  5. Told you kids back when the story broke that this guy was a special piece of work. I also knew this would be a hell for those moms to learn about. Hope the post abortion healing group will be there in full force.

    I’m hoping to be able to go to the funeral to help them if possible.

  6. These women are victims. They didn’t know it at the time, but the devil keeps convicting them over and over through the years. They keep convicting themselves over and over again, unless they have become so hardened by it and try to keep abortion legal.

    Pray for them. Some of the most strident pro- lifers are men and women who have been healed by God from the psychological effects of abortion.

  7. Same crap the ‘media’ pulled
    with the butcher Gosnell…
    Hey Lady give me a frickin’ break.
    The child you murdered their soul went
    straight up to Heaven to be with Jesus.
    You didn’t even care at the time where the
    body was DUMPED…
    BTW= There was not one single reporter local/national reporter at the Gosnell trial,ever.

  8. If it didn’t bother these women to kill their babies why is having it in someones garage so upsetting to them.

  9. When Obama heard 2,000 fetal remains were found, he remarked: “Michelle and I are praying for the 1,000 youngster who have lost their lives.”


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