Indiana Polls All Over the Place- Perhaps Reflecting the Wishes of the Pollsters – IOTW Report

Indiana Polls All Over the Place- Perhaps Reflecting the Wishes of the Pollsters

WSJ/NBC poll- Donald Trump holds a 15-point lead in the Republican presidential primary in Indiana.

Poll: Ted Cruz leads Donald Trump in 

According to our latest polls-plus forecast, Donald Trump has a 69%chance of winning the Indiana primary.

New poll finds Cruz with double-digit lead in Indiana

Trump Up in Indiana – RCP


21 Comments on Indiana Polls All Over the Place- Perhaps Reflecting the Wishes of the Pollsters

  1. Chaos favors Hilliary, and the MSM is more than willing to create it.

    No matter what happens in Indiana or the rest of the states, the Trumpists will claim Cruz is a cheater. They will never vote for Cruz, so there is no point of any more primaries.

    Unless Hilliary has a major stroke or something before November, she is our next President.

  2. TO Menderman

    Hang in there, buddy!

  3. No, I’ve surrendered. There nothing left to fight for. And I ain’t your “buddy”.

  4. Menderman , I have observed your comments for the last couple of months and you have turned into a bitter person.
    You don’t like Trump? Don’t vote. Stay home.
    Just stop playing a sore loser because you look childish.

  5. Czar. I’ll be your buddy! Menderman. Although you and are on the same side but polar opposite with the candidates I still hold you in the highest regard as you’ve been a good (cyber) friend to me.

  6. C’mon Menderman, that is a bad attitude. Is that what we said when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? We still have a country to fight for!

  7. Ok, I hate to keep repeating myself, but here we go again. Ted Cruz, on paper is the more conservative candidate. BUT… In order to win the election, a republican candidate MUST (1) get people off their butts and to the polling place, (2) win all the republican votes PLUS (3) get a percentage of democrats to cross-over. Donald Trump will do all 3 in November, Ted Cruz can’t even get the majority of the votes in the PRIMARY from his own party! His only chance at the convention is to use questionable tactics to somehow get the nomination on a second (or third) ballot. Such trickery won’t work in November. That being said, if he somehow ends up being the nominee, I will vote for Cruz; but he won’t win. Only a fool would sit back and allow Hillary to win.

  8. TO Tony R

    I posted this in another thread; I though it eachoed some of what you said:

    Trump is winning and, if he gets the nomination, he will have

    If Cruz gets the nomination, after the shenanigans of his, of the State GOPs and National GOP, and hundreds upon hundreds of TURNCOAT/TROJAN delegates, so be it. Then Cruz gains the nomination as 2016 GOP candidate.


    (not just Republicans, but Blacks, Hispanics, Independents and disaffected Dems)

  9. Very few decisions in life come down to perfectly good vs perfectly bad…most of the time we have to pick the least worst choice. That’s pretty much the primary. I’m all for having loud, passionate arguments on who the Republican candidate should be.

    But come November, assuming hillary is in the race, the choice becomes easy. Not voting just isn’t an option.

  10. I’ve been holding my nose for years to vote for the Republican candidate. It will be easier this year than most, whoever the candidate is. That said, I sure would like to see Cruz on the Supreme Court.

  11. “Parnell came down the road, he said to a cheering man;
    ‘Ireland shall get her freedom and you still break stone.'”

    (WB Yeats)

    A lesson for all the cheering men …

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. TO Jerry Manderin

    And THAT from the guy who “deplored” the idea of a contested/brokered convention….

    (“Watch what I say, not what I do!”)

  13. I want to know why Cruz is “Constitutional” or “Conservative”
    1. He joined those denying Trump’s first amendment right to free speech when the Soros paid agitators caused the Chicago rally cancellation.
    2. He immediately called for denying due process to Corey Lewandowski demanding he be immediately deprived of his livelihood based on a hoax from serial liar Michelle Fields.
    3. He wrote the legislation giving fast track power to Obama to do trade deals and reducing the approval requirement from 61 to 51 PLUS ELIMINATING any Senate approval requirement for extending the TPP to other countries like China and Russia.
    4. He has been publicly and adamantly pushing for the disenfranchisement of millions of voters in favor of back room deals with corrupt oligarchs and their corrupt political hacks.
    5. He has SEALED his citizenship records.
    6. He welcomed illegals at the border with soccer balls and teddy bears.

    All these things have occurred in the last 1 – 2 years. Not ancient history from the ’80’s or ’90’s.

    What’s so “Conservative” about these actions? What shows an unwavering commitment to Constitutional principles?

    This is said by someone who was once a staunch Cruz supporter and donor but I followed Cruz’s admonition to look at what he DOES, not just what he SAYS.

  14. “What’s so ‘Conservative’ about these actions? What shows an unwavering commitment to Constitutional principles?”

    pageoturner – you won’t get an answer to your questions because Cruz supporters are just like Cruz – they ignore the poignant questions and just hope and wish they go away.

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