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Indians in Arizona Demand a 75 Mile Gap in Trump’s Wall

The Indians are yammering about sacred land, something about being able to travel freely into Mexico to maintain burial sites, the fish and the birds, you know, Indian crap.

Okay, we’ll leave a gap just wide enough so that all the illegals go through their sacred land. Within a month, Chief Tawkincrap will be begging Trump to plug up the hole.

But this time we’re gonna make the Indians pay for it… by finally taxing them. Reparations for Indians have gone on far too long. And to what end? It’s 2016 and they’re still drunk and poor. Are we going to subsidize alcoholism forever?

Arizona Indian Tribe That Controls 75 Miles Of Border Tells Trump To F@@k Off With His Wall: “Over My Dead Body”

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  1. Hail to the redskins. Hail victory
    Braves on the warpath.

    Fight for old DC.

    Bring it Chief Poopypants. All you leftist crybabies. Bring your A game. Let’s just get your tantrums over and see how Americans respond You’re talking shit. C’mon
    Running Mouth.

  2. I’m sick and tired of the Indians and the sovereign nation bullshit. They should all be damn grateful that the white man got here before the Chinese did. I guarantee the Chinese wouldn’t let them have a monopoly on casinos, and fishing rights, no way. I could go on but it is dinner time.

  3. You want to travel into and out of Mexico do it just like every other American citizen does. Go to a border crossing, with your papers, and get in line.

  4. My sacred land is America and I demand a wall to keep it safe from all the heathen foreigners who come in and pollute and defame it with their presence!

  5. They aren’t looking for money from people smuggling as the illegals can no longer count on poor enforcement but rather a quick trip back when caught. No, I suspect the natives are looking to the drug trade for cash. Be prepared for demonstrations the likes of which the natives have never held before.

  6. Well, we purchased Manhattan for $24.00 in beads. I have a couple quarters I’ll throw in. Just sos you know I’m fascinated by Indian culture but WTF? They should be on our side by now.

  7. The Chiefs treat their tribes like shit just like a Chicago mayor treats his constituents. Add that to drug problems, unwed mothers, etc. They ain’t who they used to be.
    Federal dollar$. Chiefs are nothing but union bosses.

  8. Greece came from warriors once, too. If the Spartans knew what would happen in the future, they’d have killed everyone. lol

  9. In southern AZ on the Tohono O’odham, formerly Papagores the illegals have dumped 100s of tones of trash on their sacred land.

  10. Our problem is the asshole president inviting criminals into our country. When Trump gets in he will stop all criminals at the border. Way before there is a physical fence.

  11. Just back the wall so the reservation is untouched but there is a continuous unbroken wall. They can choose if they want free unobstructed access to Mexico or the US. Give them the choice and then it’s on their head.

  12. From what I have seen Indian reservations turn to trash no matter how much money they sink into them because it costs the Indians nothing, and they know they’ll rebuild it. Just like the section 8 people but more dangerous at night.
    They don’t like to be called drunken Indians, here’s a hot tip, don’t be a drunken Indian and no one will call you that.
    Also they should be abiding by the same fish and game rules everybody else does.

  13. like Pelopdias sez …. just build the wall around the Reservation … just a little ‘bump’ … no problem

    like the Donald sez … “It’s called ‘Construction’; it’s what I do”

  14. Fck’n Bean eaters. The Papago were enemies of real Indians. Enemies of the Apache who dominated the area.

    The Mexicans used to kill the Apache and make slaves of their women. They would sell their scalps for $100 for a warrior, $75 for a squaw, and $50 for a child.
    Geronimo and all the Apaches hated the Mexicans and I’m sure they wouldn’t have had any problem at all with Trump buliding a big fucking wall to keep them out.

    Don’t confuse these assholes with real Indians. They are more Mexican than they are Native America.

  15. Just build the wall around the *other* 3 sides (borders) of their reservation…make them get everything they need from Mexico.

  16. Fine. Round up a thousand old clunker cars, put a case of booze in each trunk, and line them up on the border. The Mexicans and the Injuns will take each other out el quicko, in the biggest DUI demolition derby the world has ever seen.

  17. Ever been to a Indian pow-wow, presented as a lovely summertime event in your community? Good grief, what a boring waste of time: monotonous 4/4 drum beat and a two-step shuffle that can be mimicked by anyone in a post-party stupor. When it comes to showing off your culture and heritage, this ain’t no Riverdance.

  18. Build the wall, with a ten mile break. BUT also give the Indians hunting rights on illegals, no limit. They have to show X numbers bagged per month, otherwise we’ll think they’re not doing their job as warriors, letting too many slip through, and we’ll close up the rest of the wall.

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