“Infidel” With Jim Caviezel

Mike Huckabee interviews Jim Caviezel about a movie you can feel good about supporting.

An outspoken American journalist, Jim Caviezel, is kidnapped by the Iranian regime while giving talks in Cairo, Egypt. He is then taken to the Middle East and put on trial for erroneous charges. His wife, a State Department official, tries to use her influence to get the American government involved so that they get her husband back. But she soon realizes that the American government will not get involved. So, she is forced to go to the Middle East to search for him by herself. – IMDb

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  1. The demoncraps are more invested in helping our enemies than defeating them. obama set up a boatload of our guys to get kidnapped by the iranian navy, and tied the hands of our men and women to get killed sent into battle in the ME. If anyone in the history of the entire world should be hung for treason, it’s obama. Even obama is still surprised he’s still breathing air after all the treason he committed while in office and continues to do with valjar, pelousy, aoc and rotten labia, among others from their DC mansion – as a shadow govt.

    Someone needs to do a movie about that.

  2. First: props to Jim Caviezel. He has shown the willingness to make movies that don’t follow the “mainstream” and that are politically incorrect – see The Passion of the Christ (great movie, despite the hard to watch scenes, which add to the movie).

    I haven’t seen this movie yet, though I will go see it. Is this another movie to promote women (don’t get me wrong, I love women) as better because his wife is willing to do something that the swamp won’t? I am getting mixed preliminary signals

  3. @RAF – seeing the preview of this movie reminded me of the dems refusing to help people kidnapped by terrorists and sending iran 1/2 a billion dollars in pallets of cash, which the dems have yet to condemn – hence my post above.

  4. Caviezel is not only an awesome Christian director/producer of righteous movies, he’s also incredibly handsome. *the old girl sighs* I love all his work.

    Recently watched “Paul – Apostle of Christ”, 2018. Caviezel plays Luke. Timely, excellent movie. The performances are stellar. Worth watching.
    https://youtu.be/LyOqQZUDdO4 .

  5. I remember going with my son to watch the movie “Passion of the Christ.” I was crying my eyes out afterwards, and we went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant, and I remember being at the buffet and seeing the people there in a way I had never noticed people before (more as souls than flesh). I don’t know what was happening, but it was a truly weird experience.

  6. My departed Bride purchased the “Passion of the Christ” dvd upon its initial release for my birthday (I think in 2005). I watch it every Easter. Most important thing that ever happened to us. Good Friday was horrific, I agree.
    I also saw “Paul – Apostle of Christ” when I still had a teevee and it (as 99th points out above) is very well done.
    This interview sounded true and from the heart and I hope God blesses Mr. Caviezel.

    by the way Gladys, I thought it was only a paltry $400 Million!

  7. Gladys, I experienced the something similar. After witnessing – talking to people about salvation at a local public housing development with members of my church, I was in a mall, shopping and became overwhelmed with compassion and the Love of Christ for everyone I saw. You’re right, souls were all I really noticed. It was an unusual, incredible experience. I realized it was the work of the Holy Spirit. He truly ministers to those who surrender to the will of God and know Christ. The Holy Bible mentions often encounters with the Holy Spirit. You connect to the Holy Spirit while watching “The Passion of the Christ”. What a magnificent movie.
    Serving and obeying The True and Living God has great rewards and experiences the world will never know.

  8. Caviezel is an oh, so gifted actor, and yep, incredibly easy on the eyes. May God use those gifts to draw others to Christ.

    And yes, most definitely, God Bless Jim Caviezel. What a wonderful, gited man!

  9. Thanks, RogerF. I almost missed it, too. I saw an ad on the 700 Club, and knew it was going to be a fantastic movie.

  10. I just watched “Paul, the Apostle of Christ” and do not have words for the experience. I cannot imagine what Paul, Luke, and the other Apostles had to go through in the world of the Romans. Incredible, and disturbing, film of the times. I recommend everyone seeing this film, along with other related movies. Sorry, I have to wipe away the tears.

  11. Okay, I have to say this.
    I hope that I have the courage to display the fortitude that the apostles did in the times. I am not sure I do have that in me. I thank GOD that he was willing to put his Son up to vouch for me and forgive me for my sins (yes, I have committed them). I cannot say I have the ability or the fortitude that others have shown, but I am thankful and hope that I am deserving of His forgiveness.


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