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Inflation Has Consumed COVID Checks

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When he signed the “American Rescue Plan” into law in March 2021, President Joe Biden bragged about how it would put “$1,400 checks into the pockets of millions of Americans; help to keep folks in their homes; help to put food on the table.” A family of four was in line to get $5,600, he said.

What he didn’t tell the public was that the rampant inflation his “rescue” plan would unleash would cost Americans more than the $1,400 Biden was handing out. Much more. More

9 Comments on Inflation Has Consumed COVID Checks

  1. Joe should try handing out Yuan. Hey, when the leading Ponzi Scheme currency goes rotten, you have to have a backup Ponzi Scheme currency.

  2. Well, Thank You Captain Obvious.
    But I have seen that every store has a “Snap Cards Welcome” sign.
    Pretty sure I won’t qualify.
    I work for a living.

  3. Joe Biden, the compulsive longtime grifter and swindler, put his scheme into motion to appear as the ‘hero’, which he’ll never be, and tried to one-up presT. To recoup all that Biden pretentiously gave out he then created a widespread massive inflation scenario which put multitudes of American citizens in bankruptcy or on the brink thereof. Always the narcissist, Biden never ever admits to anything and ALWAYS blames someone else for his failings. If Joe Biden was a sincere human-loving patriotic guy the majority of people would have sucked it up and dealt with it all—but Joe Biden isn’t that kind of likeable or remotely sincere type where Americans would support him. He’s widely unliked, despised, loathed, cringe-worthy, and lacks the basics for even a drop of good leadership while being the worst any-type of “potus” forced into our lives.

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