Influential Florida Democrat Ashamed of His Party – Says CNN Extremely Dangerous

Pretty interesting. This is a complete and thorough indictment of the modern left, and he predicts he will pay a severe price for speaking out.

BPR has background info on Fladell

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  1. He’d better be watching his back! You can get away with talking shit about the GOP, but the commiecRATS don’t take that shit lightly!

  2. The cat is out of the bag. The Commie Gidget’s script was not reviewed well, and she inadvertently blew the whistle on the left’s goals.

    Look for normal people to start pushing bask.

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  4. Democrats have become their own worst enemy and don’t yet realize it. We need to just sit back and enjoy the show.

  5. As fast as these idiots are embracing/promoting full on Socialism, don’t be surprised to hear about proposed re education camps for conservatives. I’m not joking.

  6. Sorry pal, the Democrats left you a long time ago. Except for being Pro-Choice, you’re a conservative! Come on in, the waters fine and we appreciate your logical assessments.

  7. Indimex

    Agreed. But the ones they will propose won’t be so subtle. Their desire to destroy the Republic is directly proportional to their efforts to disarm you. Timings about right for another Deep State sponsored False Flag event.

  8. Great speech. But chances are he’ll still vote democrat when the time comes. Addiction, like alcoholism, like being a democrat is hard to kick. But it can be done. I did it years ago.

  9. He’s an old-school Dem. His “problem” is that he has a conscience.

    He helped create what is now troubling to him. He was an SDS leader and Dem Activist/Pol; when the State took HALF of his grandfather’s and his father’s wealth, he says this was “ok.”

    I don’t mean to hate, but he seems to be the kind of person who will never come around, even when the Totalitarian Boot Heel is on his neck. He’ll believe to the very end.

  10. Uh oh, someone’s ox is getting gored and they don’t like it. That’s all I heard. What Ted Nougat just said. The big question right now concerning the D party is where is the water’s edge between the former party and the radicalized part of it. Fladell still doesn’t explain that.

    I think the reason no one in the D’s can is because they’re not sure themselves where it is. Fladell talks about some lines of civility being crossed but he doesn’t attribute the line crossing to any underlying reason. Which is rather funny. In one breath he talks about his own membership in SDS but apparently doesn’t know its history.


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