Information slowly emerging about pipe-wielding mob of Somali ‘youths’ who attacked people waiting for light rail train in Minneapolis last Friday

American Thinker:

My hometown of Minneapolis has been totally transformed by the arrival of tens of thousands of refugees from Somalis, one of whom now represents the city and a few suburbs in Congress.  Nobody there was asked if such a makeover was desired by the residents; State Department officials decided that the generous welfare benefits available in Minnesota were reason enough to send people whose native land is tropical to the coldest major city in the United States.

But now that the old 97%-plus Caucasian city has been made into a multicultural exemplar, the local establishment, including the newspapers and broadcasters, is ultra-protective of its prized diversity-endowing Somali community.

That might explain why the news of a horrific attack on people waiting for a light rail train at the University of Minnesota has been so slow to emerge.  A mob of “youths” — it now turns out they are juveniles, so their identities are being protected — believed to be of Somali extraction attacked innocent people waiting for a light rail train at the East Bank University of Minnesota station.  They were wielding either hammers or pipes.

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  1. A metal pipe wielding Somali vs me and my Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan .44 magnum. Anyone wanna place a bet on who wins?

  2. Obama and his state department decided that this country is too white and set about the work of infesting communities across the country with uncivilized vicious animals.
    As I said in the past most everything that Obama did while in office was directed at vengeance against the caucasian population of this country. He was enthusiastically helped along by people that seemed to be unaware of their own skin color.
    A deep seated psychosis has descended upon this country orchestrated by some evil people we elected into office.

  3. Left Coast Dan- thanks for pointing that out. I say that because I know we are in agreement as to the validity of Snopes or lack there of and I’m to the point that I can’t go there. But it is good and necessary that we know what they say to keep ourselves educated as to how far the left is willing to distort the truth.

    I could see the fun in doing damage control for the side I believe in and if I lacked a soul and was going to get paid to do it it would be a great job. The crosses we all have to bear is the fact that we are where we are and believe what we believe because we are all honest seekers of the truth. Which is to say we are on the “right” because we seek to be “correct”. Being “correct” places me on the “right” side of politics. I do hope I’m making sense.

  4. It wouldn’t surprise me if Wiki wuz re-writing stuff as we speak to prove that television wuz invented in 1920 and that FDR wuz President in 1929…

    (see Joe Biden on how real leaders demonstrate that they know what they’re talking about.)

  5. Biden is nothing but a supercharged gaff generator. Observing him for a few hours would leave you to think you were watching a slapstick comedy skit.
    Think of Tim Conway only with rabies. {no offence intended toward Tim}

  6. Had to use hammers because they’re too stupid to understand how to use any other weapon.
    I’m surprised the MPLS black community isn’t capping their asses.

  7. The same thing has happened in Canada. A large group of Somailian refugees were brought to Toronto in the late 80’s, early 90’s, they are housed in “welfare towers” near the airport. Also there are many Somailian gangs in Winnipeg, going against the Indian (feather not dot) gangs to control gun running, drugs and prostitution. This is all courtesy of Trudeau 1.0 and Trudeau 2.0 (also known as the Spawn).

  8. Carrying hammers is not illegal as is having an illegal gun. Not so dumb, if a person is actually stopped by a cop. Also, police officials are sometimes threatened by Feds who order them NOT to tell the truth. So even though there may be news reports on incidents, they cannot always be believed. Blacks have become a “protected class” when it comes to holding them accountable for crimes. There may be more Somali flash mob attacks in the future since they now know that they can get away with it. There needs to be a “protect yourself” warning made by the MPD to the other residents of the city.

  9. One comment posted says it all:
    “Where are the children? I didn’t see any. What a scam of an article! I saw a horde of black teens whipping up on the cops.”

    This was a lying report made about black teens fighting and then attacking the cops trying to stop the violence. Such is the reality of NOT truthful reporting.

    WATCH: Crowd of Children Swarms Cop to Stop Him From Choking a Small Girl
    By Matt Agorist – May 23, 2019

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