‘Ingraham Angle’ Panel Discusses Rosenstein -vs- McCabe

Andrew McCabe views his risk as the largest risk, and essentially is saying, through the network which includes media, that if he goes down he’s taking everyone down.


CTH: An interesting panel discussion on Laura Ingraham’s television show. In this segment Lee Smith (Real Clear Politics Investigations) brilliantly outlines the disparate self-interest of both Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe. I believe Smith has this spot-on.

The New York Times and Washington Post are both primary outlets for narratives scripted by the political intelligence community. Against the backdrop of declassification, Team McCabe was advancing an anti-Rosenstein narrative with the NYT. Team Rosenstein was advancing a defense of Rosenstein within the Washington Post; both narratives surrounded the risks within the declassification directive.

Watch the Lee Smith part which starts at 04:30:

6 Comments on ‘Ingraham Angle’ Panel Discusses Rosenstein -vs- McCabe

  1. Baaaahhhaaaaa, sure they are going down. Just like ‘Felonia Von Pantssuit’ and obamination, and Holder, and Lerner…… and, and, and.

  2. I seem to recall reading where Ron Brown said to the wrong people “If I go down, I’m taking everyone with me”. A few days later he and 30-some other people died in a plane crash overseas. He was the Clinton’s Commerce Secretary who was set to testify in regards to criminal activity.

    Perhaps McCabe should make sure his affairs are in order and his insurance payments are up to date.

  3. Trump backed off of Rosenstein because it would further delay Kavanaugh from being confirmed.

    There WILL be declassification.
    Rosenstein WILL be removed.
    Kavanaugh WILL be confirmed.
    The swamp WILL continue to be drained.


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