Inmate Argues His Life Sentence Ended When He Died And Was Revived

Photo: Iowa State Penitentiary


Four years ago, Benjamin Schreiber died while serving a life sentence for first-degree murder. Despite having a “do not resuscitate” order, doctors revived Schreiber on five separate occasions after he developed large kidney stones which caused him to suffer from severe septic poisoning. read more

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  1. Who in the hell made the call to revive him? Put that SOB in jail to serve the rest of that bastards term. That will put a stop to this shit.

  2. @SCR

    I agree. If at any time he was declared legally dead, he has a leg to stand on.

    This will be a very interesting case to track to see how it unfolds.

  3. Well, I have read about criminals who are serving multiple life sentences. I thought it was for multiple crimes but…

  4. Just claim that this guy is going to testify against Bill or Hillary Clinton. The issue will then take care of itself shortly.

  5. The prison’s legal team will argue he gave up any rights, including his DNR once he was incarcerated. Besides, the prison is probably getting a subsidy on Schreiber. I understand Epstein signed a DNR the day after his suicide btw.

  6. What a terrible precedent we would set if we allow this inmate to get away with this

    Can you imagine how this could be abused? I know I cant

  7. Two things.

    1) having died he can now vote D from now to eternity
    2) capital punishment prevents these weird situations.

  8. Having had kidney stones in the past, I Would have preferred At the time, that they put me out of my misery. However now I’m glad they didn’t.

  9. Was he sentenced to prison “until the moment he dies” or was he sentenced to “life?”

    Seems the fact that he’s protesting implies that he’s still alive – and fulfilling his sentence.

    izlamo delenda est …


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