Inmates Prefer Insecticides To Other Drugs

A sheriff’s department in Florida suspected inmates were smuggling in drugs through the various papers that they received from the outside.

What they eventually discovered is that these materials had been saturated with “Raid” or “Roach Motel” poisons. Once an inmate receive the materials they would either smoke the papers or eat them to get a dangerous high. More

14 Comments on Inmates Prefer Insecticides To Other Drugs

  1. “It’ll kill ya. It kills the roaches,” Judd said. “And criminals are not too far away.”

    Criminals, roaches… What’s the dif’?

  2. this activity, no doubt, will ensure an orderly transition back to society

    rename the jail, ‘Roach Motel’ … “they check in, but don’t check out”

  3. Inmates seek out roach poison to get a high off of dangerous chemicals that are bound to be destroying their brains, but offer to give them a safe fast lethal injection supervised by the state and they, their lawyers and anti-death penalty activist fight like hell to keep it from happening. I tell you, sometimes the world just doesn’t make any sense.

  4. And the problem is? Sounds a little like an innovative response to prison and jail overcrowding…

    Just another variety of R E S P E C T…

  5. If the real expense of keeping convicted trash already sentenced to death was revealed, the Clinton’s % would never be known. Like it would be anyway,,,

  6. let ’em mainline a giant needle
    full of liquid roach juice,cool, then
    vid the convulsions & contortions for utube
    right before they die.

  7. It doesn’t destroy the body though. They’re still pumping iron everyday. Then, when paroled, you’ve just released a gigantic jacked up body with an insect’s brain back into society. Not good.


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