‘Insane!’: Police Warn ‘Portland Is Lost’ if ‘Failing’ Mayor and DA Don’t Stop Riots

PJM- The Portland Police Association (PPA) has issued another dire plea to Mayor Ted Wheeler and the new district attorney to change their “insane” riot policies and enforce the rule of law or else “Portland is lost.”

A “disgusted” PPA President Daryl Turner excoriated the mayor and newly installed District Attorney Mike Schmidt, demanding rioters be prosecuted and police be allowed to protect the rest of the citizenry saying, “Portland has had enough.”

He accused the two “failing” elected leaders of backing “insane” policies of letting rioters destroy, burn, hurt, and vandalize “almost to the point of no return.” read more

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  1. It’s funny, when I heard a couple of years ago that Soros was financing and placing his candidates in various DA’s and other offices of leadership, I didn’t grasp the real significance of it.

    Now it is all too clear that Sauron had this planned all along and he was merely putting the pieces in place for his assault. That fucker is playing chess while the good ol’ boys and girls in the senate and house are playing checkers around the cracker barrel.

  2. stirrin the pot

    You are absolutely correct. And he’s weaponized the justice department to prosecute any citizen that stands up against these clowns. As far as I’m concerned another reason LE should get off the streets.

  3. I always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest since watching the movie, Sometimes a Great Notion, later renamed Never Give An Inch. 1971, I think. Paul Newman. Henry Fonda, Lee Remick.

    The place looks beautiful.

    Guess what dropped off my bucket list? Pacific Northwest.


  4. Brad – not only get off the streets, but become ardent Trump supporters.

    LEO’s know a lot of people in their communities. They should be actively campaigning for Trump, or at the very least, against Biteme. The future of our nation depends on it.

  5. PHenry, I’m not going to try and talk you into a PNW trip, but the reality is once you’re outside the metropolitan areas you will be among more Trump voters than not.

  6. I figured @Joe6. It’s like everywhere, Virginia included.

    I will simply sit back and watch the cities burn. I hate cities.

  7. Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, Chicago, St Louis, are just the kind of cities that George Soros is HEAVILY invested in, both monetarily and philosophically, to act as prototype for the rest of us.

    It’s hard to imagine that someone could be that evil. But he is.

  8. The fact that Soros is still alive shows weakness and cowardice on our part. It doesn’t say much about other nations and free people either.

  9. Amen, NIdahoCatholic, North Idaho is still referred to as God’s country or the last best place in the US. I grew up in Eastern Washington and N. Idaho and I am grateful for this part of the country. When I graduated from HS in 1971 I had to get out of this area for a while, pretty much convinced that this area was Hicksville. I spent a year in Portland and 3 years in the Navy and came home from the Philippines 45 years ago tomorrow on Aug. 11, 1975 and was honorably discharged a week later on 8-18-75, I have never regretted moving back. Sure San Diego is nice in the Winter but I’ll take our 4 seasons every year and the occasional bad Winter over the big cities on the West Side and California anyday.

  10. The PPA is only now making this declaration? 2 1/2 months after things got out of hand seems a little late. You know the rank and file LEOs have been saying this from the start.
    Having said that, at least they are now standing up.

  11. Split the nation in two. We’ll all be happier, and the likes of us will be VERY happy, prosperous, powerful and again will be the richest, most powerful nation on Earth.

    Kinda like Israel, only 5,000 times the size.

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