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Insert Face Below

Poster seen at Brown protest2383041B0000057854388-image-104_1417294288831

This stuff writes itself. I inserted Mumia Abu-Jamal’s face, another “black cause” who is also famous for “putting his hands up and saying don’t shoot.”



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  1. Just tell the losers that they have two choices. Either believe the truth that Brown did NOT put up his hands and actually charged Officer Wilson, or they lose their EBT cards.

    Wanna bet the “protests” are over in under 5 minutes?

  2. I guess the geniuses who created this “poster” have to be specific, given their juvenile tendencies to impulsively insert anything imaginable.

  3. Following in the now famous T-shirt slogan ‘gone to soon’ footsteps, I am surprised they were able to spell every word on the sign correctly!

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