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“Inside Attack” SCARE – Ghislaine Maxwell’s Guards Implicated

Recent reports are that Maxwell is on homicide suicide watch.

Liberty News Alerts has the real reason.

Ghislaine Maxwell revealed publicly that Brooklyn jail staff threatened her safety. Reuters reports that as a response the prison put her on “suicide watch” to protect her from alleged guards that are SUPPOSED to be protecting her.Prosecutors confirmed this is the case. She’s literally in danger from her own prison guards!The news has people worried for Maxwell’s safety, especially considering what happened to liberal billionaire Jeffrey Epstein (an alleged “suicide”).

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13 Comments on “Inside Attack” SCARE – Ghislaine Maxwell’s Guards Implicated

  1. She needs to give proof of the participation of the elite on the island to her lawyer and others and to the alternative press.
    A going away present of sorts.
    BTW is there a dead pool yet?

  2. Are there no brave lawyers smart enough to play this the right way??? Hell, the list of perps that Gislain could name is a weapon greater than Byzantine Fire!

    For Pete’s sake, there’s an opportunity here to be RICHER than Epstein, own his island (I’d fumigate the funk out of it), and be hailed as an absolute HERO by the 75% of the human race that is sick and tired of decadence and stupidity by those who’ve rule over us for 40 or so yrs.


  3. A dead woman’s switch……
    tptb find it…..she’s suicided……
    Put it out in public now……
    tptb will ensure she lives…..
    because then….tptb don’t want to suicide her…..
    and give her allegations merit.

  4. I doubt we will ever see justice for the trafficked victims.
    My guess is,for “economic reasons” the biggest names on Maxwell’s list would never be prosecuted.
    Take out the majority of the movers and shakers of economies and the whole house of cards falls in on itself.
    The elites can’t have that.

  5. The Clintons have far reaching criminal ties
    including even into the nations most secretive
    jails and prisons and even beyond the countries

    They have extensive connections with worldwide
    organized crime.

    Which means your life isn’t worth anything
    if you are about to testify against them.


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