‘Instead of deploying floating hospitals, President Trump should order the Navy to deploy floating insane asylums’

Hydroxychloroquine Derangement Syndrome.

Patriot Retort: I get it.  I do.  President Trump expresses optimism over hopeful news from doctors on the front lines that Hydroxychloroquine coupled with Azithromycin is having promising results.  And naturally if Trump speaks favorably about something, the media and the ResistanceLOL have to attack it.

But things have hit such a fever pitch Trump Derangement Syndrome has mutated into Hydroxychloroquine Derangement Syndrome.

One Ohio State Representative actually wants to have President Trump brought up on charges at the Hague for the temerity of expressing optimism over using Hydroxychloroquine.

No, I’m not kidding.

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  1. There’s recent news out of Monash University (Australia) that a well-known drug used for killing internal/external parasites (Ivermectin) has been successful in killing Covid19 in culture in 48 hours. Although it is currently used in humans, they haven’t figured out the dosage for CV19 yet.


    Another readily available, inexpensive option. One dose. Not sure why it’s not getting much press.

  2. Do these ignoramous-es not KNOW that ordinary people get news from all over the world from places that are not C,N&N or MSDNC?

    He should call Modi and ask why, then, India is refusing to part with any of their H-chloroquine.


  3. Just when I accepted that Trump Derangement Syndrome had infected almost fifty percent of the country, Dianny (who admits that she’s not a really a psychiatrist, but is a great satirist) discovers Hydroxychloroquine Derangement Syndrome! Why is President Trump pushing this dangerous, unproven drug on America? Follow the money! He must have a financial interest in a drug manufacturer somewhere! Probably one in China. I saw this theory espoused on Mourning Joe this morning, so it has to be true. TDS plus HDS equals TBS.

  4. I had this funck or some sort of similar funck in early January. I’m positive I’m immune now. I’d like to start donating my blood for the anti-body therapy. Where do you go and where can they test for this?…..I’m 100 miles from a decent regional hospital where I will be treated rudely and disbelieved…..FUCK, paying attention to 8th grade science class (1970ish) has never paid off except I’ll be alive when others ain’t…

  5. Seattle – needs one.
    San Francisco – needs one, maybe two The Bay is Big.
    LA – needs, well many needs…
    Boston – needs one, and one for the Cape.
    NY – needs several, one per borough, maybe two?!
    DC – put in an order now. Major TDS there.

    All of these have ocean port and or river access.

    We could make the liberal lunatic leftists occupants swab the decks and scrape some barnacles.

  6. Oh crap. That bitch Galonski is my state house rep.
    Don’t blame me I didn’t vote for her.
    So I just sent her an email demanding her resignation.
    Since emails to reps are public record in Ohio I expect to lose a few “friends.”

    “Resign immediately.
    I refuse to be represented by such a narcissistic idiot as you.
    Stop your grandstanding.
    Stop your politicizing.
    You should be working overtime to get this state back on track, but you insist on making nonsense about H-chloroquine.
    You are not fit to serve in the Ohio House.
    Resign. Today.”

  7. Just remember, folks, hydroxychloroquine is a prescription medicine. Chloroquine phosphate is aquarium cleaner. The medicine in proper dosage is not toxic. The cleaner kills people.
    There will be those still stating that the medicine kills people. Stay aware and shout them down when you can.

  8. No matter what the Trumpster does
    you know it is going to be wrong in
    the eyes of our demorat enemies.

  9. Look at history and make your own judgements, because the current Fourth Estate HATES history:


    Look up how YOUR city responded in another time. Pretty amazing stuff, same exact thing that was going on then is going on now.

    Pay in particular attention to the Bibliography of each article, I offer just Indianapolis for example.

    Everything in that is being discussed today.

    Then? Soldiers brought it home after WWI.

    Cascara Quinine was the remedy – from Hills Bromide, probably around the 1920’s.

  10. Can’t live or govern along side the mentally ill.

    Secede, watch them crumble, then take over and ban liberalism.

  11. HDS + TDS = DOOM…for those with a pre-existing condition.

    These are the future nuts we will have to be weary of, on and off shore.

  12. That’s an interesting site. Today I was reading the Seattle Times archive for 1918 and accounts of what the city fathers did in response. They did a better job of it than now.

  13. All joking aside, I think I get why people are going insane. The obvious being locked in your home, because even if you’re one of the lucky ones who get to work, that’s pretty much all you get to do because they’ve left nothing for you to do.
    You get on the internet and all you see is Corona Corona. Forget watching any news it’s all corona corona.
    So I tried to watch idiot celebrities on family feud, first commercial break was a commercial with the idiot midget doctor, United Way and Cottonelle commercial for them teaming up to provide toilet paper to those in need, DHS commercial for foster families that they’re getting a bonus check this month because they weren’t expected to take care of foster kids 24 hours a day and know it’s causing added expense, a news commercial telling you to protect the police by practicing social distancing and proper hand hygiene if you’re pulled over for a traffic violation, then a local news anchor commercial showing you how to wash your hands.

    I won’t be making the mistake again of turning the tv on.

  14. Ya know I had a prescription for Plaquinel aka hydroxychloroquine. I’ve never took for reasons that I don’t care to go into on a public forum-no matter how much I love you guys-but it was given to me for off market use. I didn’t have malaria. Many doctors, a rheumatologist, an eye doctor and a dermatologist boasted about its decades long safety record. The dosage was the same as what they plan to give WuHan Flu patients.

    As soon as this hubbub started about hydroxychloroquine I knew it was complete TDS. I’m so disgusted that Governors think they have a right to stop this drug only because Trump suggests it’s a viable option. Those Governors should be thrown out of office. Tar, feathers and pitchforks.


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