Instead of teaming up with opposition parties to get a majority, Trudeau’s teamed up with Marxist Obama

Back Off, Barack!

#SaveCanadaFromTheObama-Trudeau Transformation Team


Now that he’s come slithering out from his Washington lavish lair, Barack Obama is admitting that “the average American doesn’t think we have to ‘tear down the system and remake it’.

That’s what Obama said on Friday, but by Friday next he’ll be blaming his attempted takedown of America on President Donald Trump who’s been trying to put the Republic back to what it was before Obama’s oppressive transformation.

Tearing down the system and remaking it is precisely what Obama did—and is still trying to do—to “average” Americans.

“The average American doesn’t think we have to ‘tear down the system and remake it’?

This from a radical former president, who promised the “Fundamental Transformation of America”—and is still at it as the Artful Dodger, self-appointed “Resistance” leader. 

“This is still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement,” he said. “They like seeing things improved, but the average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it. And I think it’s important for us not to lose sight of that.” (CBS, Nov. 16, 2019)

You lost sight of that more than a decade ago, Obama.

“However, Mr. Obama also praised Democrats who offer bold ideas, noting that social programs in the United States have started “modestly” and then were built upon.” (CBS)

There’s always an “However” whenever the Fake mainstream media is reporting on the ever elusive Obama.

So far, it’s all been a matter of ‘what Obama wants, Obama gets’: MORE

11 Comments on Instead of teaming up with opposition parties to get a majority, Trudeau’s teamed up with Marxist Obama

  1. It really was a fookin’ 8 year nightmare that these scumbags had every intention of continuing.

    I see the greasespot has cautioned fellow REgressives to keep it on the down low. What a cunt. He tells his sycophants to bring a gun to a knife fight(figuratively) & get in their faces and when they do before the stage is fully set, he warns them to ease up.

    Could not stand seeing his smilin’ BS face. Sickening. If you ever had any doubts about the magnitude of his pussiness(and if you did, you’re most definitely NOT in my AO), the video of this preening cocksucker taking selfies in front of a mirror should make any man, even one with squirrel balls, throw up.

    Can you ever imagine plugging DJT into that? Not in a million years.

  2. They’re on the road together doing a dance routine at gay bars. Hot pants, fishnet stockings and sequin pasties has the sissies fainting.

  3. He’s worried that starting in 2020 the repudiated
    DemSocialists will be out of power for a decade or
    more and he will have nothing but cut strings to
    pull from his DC lair.

  4. Who is worse, the piece of garbage trudeau or the Canadians who re-elected him?

    We learned from our own experience that the re-election of obama was absolutely a reflection on the garbage infesting our electorate and our government.

  5. Please smoke as many cigarettes as you please and stay away from stupid exercising. That’s not good for you.

    And, please, Mr. past-president let your hired-help do all the lawn and garden work. Take it easy and wallow in your deserved luxury. You deserve it, Mr. glorious revolutionary, past president!

    And, please corn-hole your “wife” as much as possible because you don’t want “her” cheating on you and spread diseases.

    Also, it would greatly help your World status if you get more “friendly” with Trudeau and also tell some more Russians how stupid, weak and lazy Americans are and that you are secretly a proud traitor to America, but mostly devoted to Russia and Islam.

    Don’t worry, Mr. past President. I know many Russians and they will not have the hateful fire and disgust for traitors from other countries kissing their feet in absolute obeisance. So, you are safe. They will not brutally beat and kick you with total disgust if you are found alone, and then kill you. They only do that to Russian traitors.

    We all wish you the Best, Mr. past president. Please enjoy your retirement and do as many drugs as you please.


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