Intellectual Froglegs- SEX, URANIUM & ROCK & ROLL!


The collapse is underway…and it is awesome.  Liberalism is imploding everywhere.


But it is not without cost— liberalism has destroyed so many institutions that were ‘net positives’ for America—and now they’re just hollowed-out carcasses of their former selves: Hollywood, the broadcast media, NFL and so on.

It’s because liberalism always takes the low road, the easy road, the free stuff road– the road without morals or responsibility… and your Professional Liberals place political agenda above everything else. Everything. Truth isn’t even on the list.




7 Comments on Intellectual Froglegs- SEX, URANIUM & ROCK & ROLL!

  1. This year, instead of watching NFL games after the turkey dinner feast, I’m going to crank up Intellectual Froglegs for us all to watch

  2. You’ve sent me to so many inspirational, informational, and educational sites over the years and for that I am so thankful! Saw Big Fur Hat in the credits…

  3. BEG. Yup I caught Big Fur Hat in the credits. Did any of you notice Shepard Smith of FOX listed in “The Fake News Bunch.”?
    Joe Dan doesn’t miss much. MAGA


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