Intellectual Froglegs—- Traitors And Lunatics

Intellectual Froglegs:

The anti-Trump forces, the liberals, the rhinos and other assorted globalists are actually more anti-American than they are anti-Trump, because truth be told—they are opposed ANYONE that’s America First…. but be that as it may, they are losing on every front—from Hollywood to the NFL to our now hysterical attack-dog media… and it is glorious to watch.


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  1. common sense says the libs are on the retreat but they are going to throw a lot of money at the problem buying votes with funding from sources like Sorus, Zuckerberg etc. The fat lady ain’t sung yet.

  2. @moochoman
    Exactly! Throughout history, what group who was in power gave it up and just walked away with a shrug?
    Anyone who thought this would be corrected at the ballot box was naive.

  3. The Legacy Government was out in force last week denouncing PDT. They knew Uranium One was about to break wide open. Now their main goal is to shield Obama and isolate Hillary for sacrifice. Even Bill Clinton will get a pass. He was probably smart enough to keep plausible deniability during the whole sordid mess. She is toast. Barky is going to be portrayed as a trusting soul who was betrayed by Hillary. Watch how fast the MSM embraces the “Crooked Hillary” meme.

  4. From her CSPAN interview to be aired this weekend…

    “So the closer the investigation about real Russian ties between Trump associates and real Russians, as we heard Jeff Sessions finally admit to, uh, in his testimony the other day, the more they wanna just throw mud on the wall. And I’m their favorite target–and, you know, President Obama–we’re the ones that they always like to put in to the crosshairs.”

    No, Hillary, YOU are their favorite target. And your boy Barky is going to help them zero in.

  5. Thirdtwin and all, thank you for helping me understand how this might play out.

    Ain’t enough popcorn for this one and I hope there is finally so much crap it will be like the cat trying to cover up an overused liter box. Cover that turd and you expose another…

    Maybe there will be more suicides… The word for today is MENDACITY.

  6. Hmm, seems we have about 80% of the people that new about Uranium One on Muellers Special Council. The number two guy in the DOJ and maybe Sessions himself protecting the Clinton’s. Makes one wonder if this was the real intent of the special council. A body with prosecutorial powers independent of the rest of the Federal Government. This could get interesting.

  7. What is it about us as a nation that we have allowed this to get so out of hand? Are we patient, believing justice will eventually prevail? Are we lazy, not wanting to do anything that is difficult? Are we scared, not really wanting to know? Or are we just another example of a 200 year old democracy being flushed down the toilet?

  8. This could all be a fever dream.

    Trump appointed Rod Rosenstein as deputy AG. Before that Dubya appointed him deputy AG. UGH OH – In the 1990s, Rosenstein worked on the independent counsel investigation of President Clinton and Hillary Clinton for their investments in Whitewater, the failed real estate company. 12 people were indicted, of course none of them were Clintons. Rosenstein also worked to convict Martha Stuart.

    Mueller, appointed by Dubya as FBI director overlapped 2 years under Obama, then Obama appointed Comey FBI Director. Comey’s previous job paid millions as counsel to a a couple of big defense dept contractors.

    Rosenstein and Mueller were FBI BFF. Rosenstein wrote the memo Trump requested recommending Comey get fired.

    Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special prosecutor for the Russia Trump carnival.

    Sum Ting Wong? Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey present and accounted for at the FBI during Russia/uranium investigation – Comey runs the conclusion of the investigation and coverup.

  9. Oh, Comey assumes DOJ power and said nothing to prosecute here on Clinton emails. That woman Obama appointed AG met with Clinton on the tarmac, so she couldn’t announce letting Hillary go, could she?

  10. Oh and by the way there’s talk about Comey making a Presidential run. Apparently he’s currently in Iowa trying to find his way out of a corn maze.

  11. Speaking of corn mazes, have you ever had a paintball war in a corn maze? It would be fun as hell to find that sorry sob comey lost in a corn maze and a couple of guys with paintball guns.

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