Interesting Commentary On Covid-19

Should give this a listen

Jeremy Elliott – The Iconic Podcast found on IG

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  1. Possible the best synopses on the topic I’ve heard! Measured, concise, accurate, and not one single profanity. He nails it perfectly.

  2. absolutely profound!

    what I’ve been ranting & screaming about since this crap started

    Bobby Watson! … you’re making too much sense … the masses just may get your message … watch your back, dude

    P.S. forward this to all relatives, friends & neighbors

  3. My, sounds like a Conspiracy Theory to me. I’m gonna parts ways with him on the AI crap and introduce the nurturing of our police force. The Kung Flu, Nlm, And Antifa are all related. The goal is to destroy the economy until November. If the economies good, they know Trumps a shoe in. The threats to Trump Supporters will continue to escalate through November. Meanwhile LE is being ridiculed, threatened, and prosecuted. It’s an all out attack. They’re trying to get law enforcement out of the way by November to eliminate resistance to them waging warfare in the streets. There’s to much money and power at stake to allow Trump another four years.

  4. FOX news just now reported the authorities served McCloskey with a warrant and confiscated his AR15. Geez.

  5. Great video: it shows what’s really going on, and how we actually live in soft fascism. McCloskey’s arrest seals the deal.

  6. Maybe defunding the police in such cities IS a good idea…

    Sounds increasingly like it’s going to come down to refreshing the tree of liberty.

  7. Neutering, not nurturing. I wonder if Kim Gardner is accepting responsibility for these people’s lives. Or the four fat white cops that showed up to disarm them. You might be right Jimmy.

  8. Sometimes I wonder who’s reading here, but at this point, I can only hope people silently ARE reading because this “what happens if…” topic is ALL over the Internet at this point.

    If you’re living in a Republican state, in a mostly Republican county, but in a mixed-but-currently Democrat city that’s used to having a good police department, DO NOT DEFUND YOUR POLICE. Instead, increase your LEO levels.

    If you’re living in a Democrat state, in a mostly Democrat county, and in a hopelessly corrupt Democrat city that is being overrun with Leftists of every stripe, PLEASE DEFUND AND DISBAND YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT in your city. Kindly do this before the 2020 election, if possible.

  9. The one thing a lot of these people putting out videos neglects to mention is that the Governors shut almost everything down that is shut down not the fed govt.
    Other than that this is very interesting.

  10. I’ll believe the dept of justice is back in control of the judicial system in this country when that wretched evil fuckhead Soros is led away in cuffs for acts of sedition.

  11. This clip has a pitiful few views since being posted on Wed. I watched it once then tried to replay it and a message came up that it was removed from facebook. I don’t do facebook so I don’t know if the message was legit.

  12. I’m tired of hearing about/reading about the Covid-19 scam.

    Take those stupid, useless masks off.

    I will not comply!

  13. And now they’re considering a second lockdown.
    How ’bout FU instead!
    They should be OUT of options when they literally gave all their loony goons of protesters, rioters, looters and other assorted criminals and misfits of society (otherwise known as antifa) a free pass to destroy our cities, yet when people wanted to pray or get a haircut they sent in the SWAT teams! All in an election year! Oh No! No! No! They’ve spent all their credibility! The are completely and totally morally bankrupt… particularly when it comes directly on the heels of a failed, ginned-up Presidential coup manufactured by the Complicit Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media in league wth dirty, corrupt Government Swamp Creatures!!
    Never Again!

  14. Conspiracy? Damn right. Deep state has had AI for a long time. MK Ultra has become the media, “education” system, and entertainment industry. Do not fall into the “oh, that’s a conspiracy” trap because that is also mind control. Damn right it’s a conspiracy. Don’t like that word? Then how about agenda, or plan, or program?

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