Interesting Read About the Folly of Reparations

Jim Goad

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  1. Key paragraph from the article (which singularly states the truth better than hundreds, no, thousands of BLM articles or opinion pieces):
    “Is black American poverty proof of American racism or proof that blacks bring poverty with them wherever they go? Isn’t the fact that blacks live in more impoverished conditions when there are no white people around evidence that it’s actually beneficial for them to be around white folks?”

  2. Taki’s Magazine is one of my Sunday treats. I read Goad’s article this morning and as usual was appreciative of his blunt insights. His comments about Asheville’s black council members were particularly on target, although when he said they were much better off in Asheville than back in “the Motherland” I thought to myself make that “Babymamaland”.

    Sundays are good at takimag: that’s when they publish their (uncredited) recap, The Week That Perished.

  3. A CNN article said some academic bone-head had calculated lost wages based on today’s minimum wage. That’s insane. Farmworkers pay from 1781 to 1865 probably didn’t get more than 25 or 50 cents a day. The calculation the idiot made would put us on the hook for trillions of dollars.

    Not only that, reparations can’t be based on lost wages, because slaves never got wages. You can’t claim what you never owned.

  4. actually, I’m at the point where my ‘white privilege’ has definitely left me a ‘victim’

    when my ggg granfather came here to America the g’ment changed his last name on his naturalization papers & I haven’t gotten over it since I discovered that fact. My ggg uncle also died in a confederate prison (Richmond) fighting to free the slaves … something else that has stigmatized me all my life, & has kept me from achieving the American Dream, promised me because of my ‘whiteness’

    I DEMAND reparations!

    (btw, used to visit Asheville frequently, beautiful area, but since the idiot proregressives took over I decided to take my ‘ugly American tourist $$$ elsewhere)

  5. I don’t live where there’s much black American poverty. The problem may not even be poverty (what they call poverty). The problem is the University blue-hairs and the marxist politicians.

    But of course we all know this.

    You want to see a happy poverty stricken populace? Give them a TV, a pack of Kools, and a case of beer.

    Gangbangers are NOT the same thing. Gangbangers have more pocket money than all of us.

  6. Good read, Fur.

    Tom Sowell, whose research on the subject I trust more than anyone’s, reminds us that 1) The African slave trade was carried out by the British and Africans. 2) The U.S. undertook something that no other country had ever contemplated to that point in human history. It abolished black slavery and made it a moral issue. The Civil War, with its exorbitant price tag, was the keeping of an unique and exceptional promise: “In order to form a more perfect union.” Imagine. No other nation on earth in the course of all of human endeavor had ever considered, let alone take seriously, the idea that men are created by their creator as equals and that such a thing that individual sovereignty is something that cannot be taken away by men.

    Food for thought. This is what I would say to anyone who claims that Americans — black, brown, white, or striped — are oppressed.

    And consider this: it’s the communist Democrats and their fellow travelers who want to tear up the constitution which codifies this amazing freedom.

  7. …my people weren’t here till after the Civil War, and were treated like dogshit for being Catholic immigrants by the Democrats and the Democrat KKK when they GOT here. My ggg grandpa changed the family NAME because Democrats were persecuting and killing German immigrants thanks to the Democrat president. My wife has relatives who died for the North in several cemetaries. And ALL the slave owners were Democrats, which I am NOT.

    So on the subject of reparations, fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you. You were never a slave and I never owned slaves. All I owe you is good marksmanship so you die quickly if you attack me and mine.

    And THAT I will try to do. Make Every Shot Count, ’cause Black Rifles Matter…

  8. @Molon Labe — Thanks very much for the link.

    I’ve got an idea: Conservatives should resurrect the name “Fire-Eaters” and hang it around the necks of those filthy Democrat Communists. I didn’t know anything about them until I perused your Wiki link.

    “By radically urging secession in the South, the Fire-Eaters demonstrated the high level of sectionalism existing in the U.S. during the 1850s, and they materially contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War (1861–1865). As early as 1850, there was a Southern minority of pro-slavery extremists who did much to weaken the fragile unity of the nation. Led by such men as Edmund Ruffin, Robert Rhett, Louis T. Wigfall, and William Lowndes Yancey, this group was dubbed “Fire-Eaters” by Northerners.[when?][who?] At an 1850 convention in Nashville, Tennessee, the Fire-Eaters urged Southern secession, citing irrevocable differences between the North and the South, and they inflamed passions by using propaganda[further explanation needed] against the North. However, the Compromise of 1850 and other moderate counsel abated the ardor of the Fire-Eaters for a time.”

    They were anti-Lincoln (so they were, to a man, officially Democrats).

    Yeah, let’s resurrect that name. They’ll think they’re being complimented until everyone’s curiosity drives them to find out who the Fire-Eaters were.

  9. Mr. Hector Murmansk,esq.
    JULY 26, 2020 AT 10:31 PM
    “The calculation the idiot made would put us on the hook for trillions of dollars.”
    …which has already been paid anyway, in the blood, sweat, and treasure of the Civil War (have him put THAT war cost in 2020 dollars), the reforms of WWII (Executive Order 8088, among others), the “Great Society” programs where Johnson very cynically used tax dollars to purchase Black votes for Democrats in perpetuity (If you don’t vote Democrat, you ain’t Black!) Affimative Action losses (picking second best ain’t free), college grants, loans, preferences, and outright wealth transfers to Historically Black Colleges, Every big-city antipoverty program, minority business incubators, minority contract set-asides, midnight basketball programs, the price of high crime, dollar losses for riots at LEAST since the ’60s all the way through to today, etc. Etc, usw…it never, EVER ends. Now take ALL those dollars, put them in 2020 inflationary values, and even if you DO use Mr. CNNs numbers, I suspect that the Al Sharptons and Jessie Jacksons of the world will come up OWEING the Treasury repatations instead (over and above the millions in taxes they refuse to pay because, Black, that is)…

  10. Did you guys see the video of Louie Gohmert “cancel” the Democrats on the floor of the Congress? Hoo Boy!

    This came after Pelosi demanded that any and all former congressmen/senators/artwork tied to or supportive of the Confederacy and slavery be taken down from the halls of federal government and “donated” to the National Archives.

    Enjoy! GOP’s Gohmert introduces resolution that would ban the Democratic Party

  11. If you want to see where reparations end up go ask a Boer farmer in South Africa. Or hell, you don’t even have to get to the raping, mutilating or murdering of innocent whites. Just look at the friggin mess that country has become in the past 20 years.

  12. Since my father is canadian and my mother is finish and it was their parents that immigrated here LEGALLY, I do not owe squat to ANY blacks at all.

    Plus, when I am enjoying my “white privilege” standing in line at my local soup kitchen I get to see “People Of Color” getting free stuff ahead of me in line and a lot of times they take so much that they leave nothing for the people behind them and even if the people behind them are fellow P.O.C. they do not care one bit.

    IMHO “black privilege” is alive and well and has tipped the scales so far in their advantage that they do not know how to say “we won” because they have.


    ever heard of the United White college fund?

    or how about bragging about ALL white schools being just for whites?

    I could list MANY instances where blacks get catered to but if you DARE to replace the word black with white then immediately karen’s will scream RAYYYYYYSIST non-stop all day every day until whites are brought low and blacks are held up higher than every other skin color.

  13. I think trillions of dollars poured into welfare, food stamps, and other “social” programs the past 50+ years qualifies as “reparations”. That bill has already been paid.

  14. If over half a century of Welfare, Urban Renewal, free housing, free food, free education and Trillions of dollars to make it all happen hasn’t been enough, what makes anyone think that “reparations” is going to solve anything?
    Guess whut… Blackmail never ends!

  15. @ Uncle Al. I book marked the link, thank you! Always looking for new sources of opinions, one’s that can back their shit up. This man, does that in spades. So, thank you!

  16. Multiculturalism, the great social experiment, did not work! The races apparently, as world wide events are proving, can not and will not peacefully live side by side! The only recourse,
    and the only fair and legal recourse, to the race issue in the U.S. is repatriation, and soon!

  17. This is a election playbook item that surfaces every Election year to buy black votes.

    My grandparent’s side of the family was rented out by their Land Baron owner to Germany farms during growing season and returned after harvest. Then their owners decided to send them to the USA to work in a mill the Land Baron’s family had. My GP’s arrived in the USA in 1899. As a forced labor (Slaves), they were FORCED to work 12 years 12+ hrs a day 6 days a week or more in a Northern Mass. Mill. The mill was jointly owned by the Land Baron and his brother. Who owned my grandparent’s and were forced to live in a Mill Owned House rented to them and to purchased supplied (coal, bread and etc..) from the Mill owned store. Or have the family back in the old country beaten, and/or imprisoned. They were geographically Eur-Asian, but still were Human owned WHITE Human property.

    So why the hell should our family pay for something someone else did 50 years before my grandfather even set foot in the USA?

    Because eventually this will end up in our taxes. So why should we have to pay taxes for something that happened before we arrived?

    See my followup on Reparations.

  18. Ref: “Forty acres and a mule” that Reparations are loosely based on and using 1865 figures when it was made. I came up with the below #’$ based on actual Newspaper auctions and ads from 1865 to 1870 (I Love Library Micro-fiches of old newspapers).

    1 ac. @ $7.00 x 40 acres = $280.00
    1 working Mule age 3 years old = $75.00
    Total high value = $355.00 in 1865 dollars
    Using several inflation adjustment programs easily found on the Internet. The $355.00 in 1865 would equal about $5,500.00 in 2020 US Dollars according the most popularly used inflation calculation app.

    IF Reparations were to be paid, that amount is not paid to each Black-American today. Like any court settlement it would be divided out ONLY to those covered. So to qualify the victims MUST prove they have direct 1861-1865 Slave ancestry, that produced an offspring lineage that continues to 2020. Likely less than a few $100’s per qualified person at best. The math says the more people, the less the pay-out number per person.

    It would NOT be paid to the almost 4 Million Africans and their offspring that immigrated to the USA since 1866. Or the about 650,000 that were already freed before 1860? Nor the estimated 32,000 Freed Slaves that went own to purchase about 114,000 slaves of their own.

    America’s population by the US Census in 1860 was: 31.5M and the population in 2018 was about 342M. So why should the approximately 310.5M Americans that were born or arrived AFTER slavery ended be required to contribute to the needed taxes increases to cover any possible reparations?

    Why should the Union Military family members that fought and/or died to abolish slavery between 1861-1865 be required to contribute to pay the tax increases needed to cover any possible reparations? They have already paid dearly.

    An these are just a few of the 25+ detail questions with answers I presented in my Political Science submission in College some 35 years ago.

    BTW: I am married to a Caribbean Taíno Indian (44 years).
    Yep! we broken some color/racial barriers very early on.


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