Interior Secretary Zinke slams Arizona congressman who called on him to resign


Independent Record: WASHINGTON — U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke unleashed a scathing personal attack Friday against a congressman who had called on him to resign, accusing the Arizona Democrat of drunkenness and using taxpayer money to cover up inappropriate behavior.

Zinke sent his tweet after Rep. Raul Grijalva wrote an opinion column, published in USA Today on Friday, saying that Zinke must resign because of what Grijalva called “ethical and managerial failings.”

“It’s hard for him to think straight from the bottom of the bottle,” Zinke tweeted. “This is coming from a man who used nearly $50,000 in tax dollars as hush money to cover up his drunken and hostile behavior. He should resign and pay back the taxpayer for the hush money and the tens of thousands of dollars he forced my department to spend investigating unfounded allegations.”

The tweet also included the hashtag #TuneInnForMore, a reference to a legendary Washington, D.C., dive bar frequented by Grijalva.




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  1. The spokesman for the congressman defended his boss by saying “he’s not drunk at work, he doesn’t slur his words on the floor…”)! Geezuz, what a great defense. The hush money was for a staffer who accused him of being drunk (hmm) and creating a hostile work environment. She got an extra $48K after working there 3 months. When asked about it the good congressman said he signed a non-disclosure so can’t talk about it. Trebles all around!
    Don’t Arizonians even give a shit about the people they elect?

  2. The first American Border patrol agent or a US service man killed by these illegals should be shot dead on the spot. I don’t care if they are on US soil or Mexican soil. It’s an act of war. Credit goes to the rotten democrats for trying to incite violence against America.

  3. Wow, a drunk commie in The Politburo (Congress). Start calling them out as Marxist nation-destroyers and then I’ll get excited. Enforce the 1954 Communist Control Act with deportations, treason with firing squads and I’ll send you money.


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