Internet Game Tests If You Can Identify a Fake Story

C’mon, people. I invented this game 8 years ago!

“What he do?”

Does that ring a bell? That’s the game where I find a frigged up story and then put 9 fakes in and you have to identify the real story from the multiple choices.

Factitious (great name, by the way) works similarly. They give you one story and you must decide if it’s real or not.

I took the test.

What was my score?

Anything less and I’d feel ashamed of myself!

(This is a fake score. I missed 1 in my first try and 2 in my second try. By the third try they were running out of stories.)

Let me say, I’ve been fooled by a story here and there over the years and published them. But my record could be a lot worse considering the amount of fake news tips I receive every day!

You can try the game yourself, but have a fake email address ready. They want one in order to play.

Update: Choose quick start. No email required.

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14 Comments on Internet Game Tests If You Can Identify a Fake Story

  1. OK fuckit. I’m drtunk and not interested. But whA T I would LIKe all of you to do, which I do when I’m bored, is youtube “Best Compilation-People who laughed at Trump.” Could one of you give me the name of the MSNBC idiot with the blue striped shirt, black tie and glasses, who kept jumping around the polling results and getting them all wrong. Sorry to bother you and interrupt, but that guy got my goat. Now back to whatever you were discussing. Sorry.

  2. I missed that damn fat rabbit thing because I remember some airline killing a pet. Now that I think about it, it was a fat dog, not a fat rabbit that could feed a family of 12.

  3. Tommy, you know me, I live from the hip. But anybody that “Laughs” at Trump is my enemy. That probably means little until they get serious about trying to impeach him. Which they will. Then shit gets fucking real.

  4. Maybe we start with something like the “pussy march,” Bad Brad, (only with better hats). …smile… ….Lady in Red


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