Interpol Kicks Turkey Out of Database for Uploading 60,000 ‘Gulenist’ Profiles


According to a Turkish media report, Interpol blocked Turkey from accessing its criminal database after the Turks uploaded about 60,000 individuals wanted for the “crime” of having connections to exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen, one-time friend and now arch-enemy of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkey refers to Gulen’s followers as the “Fethullah Terrorist Organization” or FETO. The Erdogan government fingers Gulen, who has long dwelled in Pennsylvania, as the mastermind behind last July’s failed coup attempt. Apparently, Turkey wanted these suspected Gulenists in the Interpol database so they would have trouble using their passports to travel to Europe and the United States.

Quoting Turkish-language media, Hurriyet Daily News reports an exasperated Interpol began blocking Turkish access to its database almost a year ago, which means the Gulenist uploads must have begun shortly after the coup was completely neutralized.


5 Comments on Interpol Kicks Turkey Out of Database for Uploading 60,000 ‘Gulenist’ Profiles

  1. do they have a One Minute Hate against Gulen, like in 1984?
    Gulen better watch out for men with ice axes, as in Trotsky’s assassin?

  2. I still think that was a fake coup organized by Erdogan’s secret police using some young and stupid army officers. It allowed him to clear out all the opposition to his run at a Caliphate. The US now has to move it’s forces out of Turkey in preparation for throwing Turkey out of NATO and taking away any chance of them joining the EU. If he Erdogan wants to play the refugee card then the west plays the complete cut off of the country. If he wants to take a shot at Greece to punish the west then he needs to be remonded that Greece is still part of NATO while Turkey is not. Turkey has a few enemies out there (the Kurds for one and the remnants of the democracy that he crushed) that he would have to be careful. The US has a President willing to play hardball with these fanatics and I hope they use him.

  3. Gulenist taxpayer-funded charter schools are a scam. Indoctrination and immigration fraud machines and nothing more. Gulen deserves everything he’s getting. Only DeepStaters, Dems and RINOs support Gulenist schools. Bring the pain, Erdogan. I love it when my enemies kill each other.

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