Interview with Epstein sex slave

Crude themes and language:

ht/ hot salsa

8 Comments on Interview with Epstein sex slave

  1. Pretty much what I expected to hear.
    He sure was a horny old goat.
    Michael Jackson was an amateur compared to Epstein.
    His island estate would make a nice all inclusive resort,
    (wink wink, nod, nod)

  2. I believe her. It goes along with him wanting to impregnate women to carry on his DNA. Offing himself was the best course of action. He didn’t deserve to breathe another day.

  3. Jeffery who?

    What’s a lolita, some kind of alcoholic beverage?

    Pedophile Island? You mean Vatican city?

    Say, you know that Trump is controlled by Russians. That’s the worst story of our time.


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