Introducing Chick-fil-A Prime

Never settle for terrible customer service again!

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  1. Somebody thinks they’re funny, but this is just a cheap hit piece on Chik Fil A and Christianity.

  2. God will not be mocked.
    I am surprised “Southern Thing” interwebz
    people would do this.Ain’t they every heard
    about the Bible Belt ? Cake baker,chicken joint
    fast food dude and YOU ARE NEXT !!!!!!!!!

  3. I didn’t see any food. And I kept skipping ahead with the little preview window and I still didn’t see any food. Where’s the Chick-fil-A food? I don’t give a damn about service, it’s the food I want

    I was hoping to see some food. And I’ve never eaten there, either.

    I’m going to the kitchen now.

  4. Chik fil A has been the most-liked fast food place for several years in a row now.
    It’s still fast food though.
    It’s sort of the In N Out (also owned by a Christian family) of chicken. Good, inexpensive, but not fine dining.
    That said, now that there is one nearby I do plan to stop by, haven’t been in a couple of years.

  5. not in my town either but when i travel i stop.

    i never knew until a few months ago the inandout had scriptures printed on bottom of cups.

  6. Was this actually an authorized Chick-fil-a commercial? It does not seem to represent the integrity of the company’s Christian moral and ethical values. The company would not do it as a joke to demean itself, but somebody else would. Taking someone’s job, then being in that man’s home being cozy with his wife and child is a disgusting smear against the decency of the Christian owned and run company.

  7. I love that parody site. They come up with some great comedy ideas. I like this one, but the gnats film is truly brilliant. Especially since it’s gnat season again. Cracks me up how spot on it is. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. I’ve lobbied Lucifer to get a Chick-fil-A franchise down here, but he only makes empty promises, like “when we freeze over.”


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