Introducing Humanium – The Metal Made From Confiscated Firearms

What has this company done with their humanium?

They’ve made tops that spin a long time.

Humanium Metal by IM is an award-winning material made of recycled metal from seized illegal firearms. Due to our world class-reputation for quality, we have been trusted to be one of the first companies to collaborate on the Humanium Metal initiative. We decided to put our years of expertise in precision metal manufacturing to create a one-of-a-kind symbol: “a humanium metal spinning top” that you or a loved one will be very proud to own.

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  1. Well they’ve waded into my wheel house. Some Barrels are made from a Chrome Molly series 4340 steel. Some are are made from a 400 series stainless. (Non Ferrous) You can’t smelt them together. That won’t work. Pro Tip, if you can’t weld them together you can’t smelt them together. Plastic Stocks, wood stocks, 1018 sights. Stainless bolt guns, titanium rails, aluminum up the butt. Fuck off assholes.

  2. I’m having a difficult time here. Foreverspin has already been in business, what’s the KickStarter for?

    When do they start up a KickStarter to come up with a new pizza at Domino’s?

  3. Hang outside congress for a time…and you can collect enough material for a new product called bullshitanium.

    Commies/socialists eat it right up….and beg for more.

  4. Perfect overpriced bauble for the “my feeeelings trump your 2nd Amendment rights” crowd. They can feel SO superior to law-abiding gun owners; even more than they already do.

  5. Their ad says…”The World’s Most Expensive Metal”

    Uh, what’s the price? More than gold or palladium?

    Class action suit?

  6. They could make some real money if they’d take that stuff and make butt plugs to sell in San Francrisco. Dang! They’d sell like… sell like… sell like… butt plugs in San Francrisco.

  7. World’s most expensive metal? Really now. Worth more than what Russia paid Hillary for Uranium 1? Worth more than Russia paid Bill to put pressure on Canada to let Russia mine Canada’s rare earth metals, both cases compromising America’s safety? Those cases?

  8. Non Ferrous stainlesses, 303, 304, 316, 301, 302, virtually non magnetic. Nickel alloys. 400 series stainless, also high in nickel, slightly magnetic. You can’t grind these alloys they don’t spark. The wheel loads up with nickel and hand grenades. Not Joking. Looking at their final “Ground” product these guys are sorting Ferrous Material, maybe melting it down, and rough machining and grinding it into their final shape. Their recycling the rest. Waist of time marketing scheme for brain dead libtards. I can have 5,000 pounds of 4340 on my receiving dock in two days. It’s not like there’s a shortage.

  9. RMine are round nose 535gr.

    For accuracy (long distance) with a ‘brick’, I need to stay under the speed of sound, so i strive for 1200-1300 fps. I can go over that, but the transition going from sub-sonic to super-sonic upsets the bullet. This is with my .45-120.

    The .45-70 is around 1100 fps.

    This is with black powder.

    FWIW, my rifles came from Shiloh Rifle.

  10. If they ever have a home invasion they can just pull out the pretty spinners and show them and tell them about the quality, I’m sure they will just run off in fear.

  11. we made throwing stars in metal shop, this aint no big thing.
    we didn’t charge anyone, we gave em away for free.
    told the shop teacher they were christmas ornaments.

  12. I’m starting a business selling LibTearium (TDS), Atomic number 45.
    Combined with Winninium and MAGAmium, it is the most powerful compound known to man.

    Of course I will also stock CoVFeFe,
    (1 part Cobalt, 1 part Vanadium, and 2 parts Iron)

  13. So if it stops spinning does that mean it’s not a dream?

    Asking for my friend Leonardo DiCrapio.

    They’ll probably sell quite a few here in the US then they’ll go the way of the Pet Rock, which now has found considerable acceptance in many Middle East countries as well as among migrant caravan participants.

  14. No such thing as an “illegal gun” – just humans using them for illegal purposes.
    Do we also have illegal hammers?
    Maybe that Skilsaw in my garage has paranoid thoughts?


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