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Introducing Padel Tennis

This game is from Spain and it’s insane.

Here are the rules the best I can understand.

You play partners in an enclosed cage of glass with two side doors. There is no ceiling. There is a center net.

Games are to 6, best of three games wins the match.

The ball can only bounce once and can also be played out of the air. A ball can be played off the glass but it has to contact the ground first. Obviously you don’t want to hit it into the net.

A kill shot is when a team slams the ball off the back glass and it clears the net without the team being able to touch it as it passes.

Another kill shot is if you bounce it off the ground out of the cage.

One bizarre play is if the ball exits the cage to the side. A player is allowed to exit the door and play the ball outside of the cage, either hitting back through the door, or over the wall.

Take a look. This is a tie-breaker in a championship match.

Here’s a video with some crazy points –>

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  1. I met the guy playing pickleball. He’s from Spain and in pickleball he spins the ball a lot, and he’s always making crazy points, behind the back, between the legs, etc.
    He also crouches very low on shots picking it off the court at 5 inches off the ground with lots of crazy spin.

  2. The guy that ran out of the court to return the shot, it looked like he returned it back thru the door. What kind of ball do they use, is it a deadened tennis ball?

  3. I can’t believe that guy anticipated the need to be outside the court. I would need some practice before making any bets.

  4. Anonymous, my thinking on that. I’ve played a fair amount of tennis, racquetball, pickleball, and enjoyed them all. Tennis was harder on my joints, racquetball and pickelball are still good aerobic exercises with the same hand/eye and strategy requirements but doesn’t require ice packs after the game, usually.. If I had my choice and aches and pains were not a consideration I’d play tennis. I like tennis a lot.


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