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Investigating the Investigators

American Greatness:

[ Victor Davis Hanson ]

Despite having both an expansive budget and a large legal team, Special Investigator Robert Mueller likely will not find President Trump culpable for any Russian collusion—or at least no court or congressional vote would, even if Mueller recommends an indictment.

That likelihood becomes clearer as the Trump investigators—in Congress, in the Justice Department, and the legions in the media—begin to grow strangely silent about the entire collusion charge, as other scandals mount and crowd out the old empty story. This news boomerang poses the obvious question—was the zeal of the original accusers of felony behavior with the Russian collusion merely an attempt at deflection? Was it designed to protect themselves from being accused of serious crimes?

What Did the FBI Do?
It was bad enough that the original narrative had the authors of the so-called Fusion GPS/Steele dossier leaking their smears to the media. Worse, the FBI, in the earlier fashion of the Clinton campaign, may have paid to obtain the Fusion concoction

Now it appears that some of the leakers who had the file in their possession also may have belonged to the American intelligence community. Did the FBI pass around its purchased smears to other intelligence agencies and the Obama administration in the unspoken hope that, in seeing the file had been so sanctioned and widely read, some intelligence operative or one of the Obama people would wink and nod as they leaked it to the press?

And why did the progenitors of the Steele dossier fraud—the Fusion GPS consortium and former Wall Street Journal reporters (a firm that had a prior history of smearing political enemies with “opposition research”) and working indirectly on behalf of Russian interests—reportedly behind closed doors invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying about the dossier, its origins, and its funding before the House Intelligence Committee?

Increasingly, James Comey seems to be caught in contradictions of his own making. The former FBI director may well have misled the U.S. Congress in deliberate fashion, both about the timeline of events that led him to recommend not charging Hillary Clinton and about his denials that the FBI had communications about the bizarre “accidental” meeting on an Arizona tarmac between the U.S. Attorney General and Bill Clinton. How does an FBI Director get away with leaking his own notes, ostensibly FBI property, to the media with the expressed intent of leveraging the selection of a special prosecutor, only to succeed in having his friend, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, appointed to that very post—an official who presumably and earlier had been investigating possible Clinton collusion with Russian uranium interests?

So Many Questions, So Few Answers
Apart from noting how strange and surreal it was, no one yet knows the full relationship between former Democratic National Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her IT “expert,” the now-indicted Imran Awan. Why would Wasserman-Schultz go out of her way to protect him and by extension his network from government investigations—even as Awan’s criminal familial enterprises, as well as his unauthorized and perhaps illegal conduct concerning government communications, were being exposed?

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  1. Hillary should never have taken the SOS job when Obama offered. He gave her enough rope to hang herself, and she gladly took it . Now she’s standing on the trap door with a noose around her neck,not realizing Obama set her up there. There’s a reason she takes the heat for things Benghazi and Uranium One, even though Barky is arguably more culpable: Obama must be protected, defended and insulated at all costs, and Hillary has become expendable in that effort.

    And all the Muellers, Comeys, Lynches, Rosensteins and Wassermans who ruined and corrupted themselves for the Clintons deserve everything they will get, just like all the others who wound up on the ash heap of Clinton history.

    I’m willing to let Obama have his bullshit legacy if it means Hillary gets hammered. We will deal with him later.

  2. Comey’s requesting an independent prosecutor after being fired from the assistant attorney general whose fingers were also involved in the the trade of uranium to Russia benefiting Clinton and their associates.

    She was supposed to win and it,would be buried as last year the republican establishment expected her to win, fearing any blow back.

    Now it’s time to question the players Comey set in motion and just what they are trying to hide.

  3. BREAKING – Jeff Flake will not seek reelection!!!!! What happened at lunch? Don’t let this day end…

  4. Thirdtwin, the beauty is Hillary is Hillary. If she goes down she will manage to bring Obama down with her. She won’t go alone and she won’t go quietly. She may even bring Bill with her but I doubt that as that would have a net negative impact on the child and grandchild.

    I think you are 100% right that Obama set her up and they are all praying they can run out the clock.

  5. With Elmer Fudd running the DOJ, I have no hope—the swamp protects its own and Yertle and Opie will make sure the status quo continues. (Color me cynical)

  6. Sessions ought to de-recuse himself and haul Meuller in front of him and demand a detailed report on what they’ve found. If it’s not enough to indict Trump then he halts the investigation to hell with what the left says. If there’s enough there to have a close look at Hillary and Uranium 1 then he fires Meuller and opens a full blown FBI investigation made up of the few FBI investigators he can trust and filled out by agents from outside Washington. If Sessions can’t be trusted I’m not sure what Trumps options are at that point. Maybe he could order the Treasury to start investigating Hillary as well as the Clinton foundation for tax evasion.

  7. Sorry to disagree but I don ‘t think Obama is bright enough to set up the Clintons. It is their greed that is finally catching up with them. Barky is just a puppet on a string. It’s behind the scenes people who also let greed sway them. Again, Barky is just a punk and figurehead for the puppeteers in the shadows.

  8. Yeah anonymous, Barkey was the tip of the spear being thrown by Soros and Valerie Jared but now that he’s broken off he’s doing what he can to further their agenda.

  9. Every day I have less and less respect for Jeff “Do Nothing” Sessions, He sits upon his fa-toss and does kittle or nothing to benefit anybody. He’s ben in office for 8 months and done little or nothing. We beed a worker bee
    or AG, not a drone.

  10. We’ll never get the real news from the media. I just know they’re in full scale panic and as this unfolds be watching for these rats to start turning on each other to cut deals. We’re early into the fun that’s coming.

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