Investigative journalist who was writing a critical book on Biden admin mysteriously vanishes – IOTW Report

Investigative journalist who was writing a critical book on Biden admin mysteriously vanishes

‘He fell off the face of the Earth’


On “The News & Why It Matters,” BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales and guests Jason Buttrill and Matt Kibbe discuss a bombshell report about ABC News producer and Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist James Gordon Meek, who has not been seen in public since the FBI raided his Washington, D.C., home in April.

According to reports, heavily armed federal agents seized classified information from Meek’s laptop during a raid on his Virginia home on April 27. Colleagues at ABC News told Rolling Stone that Meek “fell off the face of the Earth” following the raid.

“He resigned very abruptly and hasn’t worked for us for months,” said another colleague.

Neighbors reported that they have not seen Meek since the raid and that his home appears to be vacant.

Meek won several awards for his investigative work on extremely sensitive topics, including exposing a U.S. military cover-up of the deaths of four American Green Berets in Niger, which he made into the acclaimed Hulu documentary “3212 Un-Redacted.”

Meek’s attorney told Rolling Stone that Meek was “unaware of what allegations anonymous sources are making about his possession of classified documents. If such documents exist as claimed, this would be within the scope of his long career as an investigative journalist covering government wrongdoing.”

Meek was working on a book that was critical of the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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  1. Meek is hangin’ with Hoffa. One of the FIB guys pulled a John Revolting from, “Pulp Fiction,” and blew Meek’s head off.


  2. I believe only the shirts are brown, Beachmom.
    The suits are as black as the space inside Joe’s skull.
    No telling what the armband insignia will be.

  3. Probably was dumped into a hazardous waste barrel with a chemical cocktail added that would dissolve everything including his hair and teeth plus totally break down his DNA. If it was ever discovered there would be no way of telling who or what was in that barrel.

  4. he’s testing concrete galoshes, he’s now an industrial meat grinder inspector, a subterranean gardener planting daisies, a rope tester, a crash test dummy for tesla motors, a wood chipper tester, a sodium / potassium hydroxide tester. a fentanyl tester.

  5. Hey, at least he didn’t die in a fiery car crash… that we know of, anyway. Although he could be sitting in his car at the bottom of the Potomac. Baby, they can drive your car. Like Schumer said they got six ways to Sunday.

  6. His neighbors allowed the foreign attackers to retreat, alive.

    Like Afghan baby rape crews.

    They all need to burn.

  7. Probably an unfortunate boating accident were he had the anchor wrapped around his both ankles? By- Wetworks are us.


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