Investing in infrastructure? Revamp the electric grid

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President Trump has set a goal of a trillion dollars for upgrading and repairing America’s crumbling highways, railroads, and bridges. But Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government has this to say:

“Since 2007, the nation’s spare capacities dropped from 2.7 percent to 1.9 percent of total capacity. Clearly, the electrical grid is not prepared to facilitate a massive national infrastructure program or an increase in the use of electric vehicles without significant changes. The planned closure of 374 coal-fired power plants under ongoing Obama policies places the grid in further jeopardy. America cannot reindustrialize unless an upgraded electrical grid is put into place. Without ample electric power, we cannot have more jobs.”   —- CFACT

5 Comments on Investing in infrastructure? Revamp the electric grid

  1. This man is out to make a difference, unlike the jug-eared, purple-lipped, shame gland missing, Peace-Prize stealing, Communist-organizing, Jihad-coddling, phoney-baloney, plastic banana republic, taqiyah sunrise-drinking, Gay-obsessed, ankle-grabbing, sheet-grabbing, pillow-biting Marxist Muzlim Mallard who promised the same thing about upgrading America’s infrastructure of crumbling bridges and highways waaay back in his first term. Just like “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” it was simply more Bullshit for the consumption of the Dumbed-Down, Xanax-disabled Left.
    Donald Trump is a builder, not a Bullshitter!!

  2. The re-vamp will be far more costly than anyone understands. Think of this in terms of knob and tube, everyone had to upgrade their house, that’s costly to the individual. Now look at transmission lines, most of those are extremely old and only get changed out with large scale disasters. Those companies that own the lines will pass on the costs to the rate payers. Next, substations and high-tension power lines. A take down of just a few substations would knock out the grid and the tension lines behind my old house in upstate were built during the depression. The towers are still standing but the fact is they are 75+ years old and no one inspected or performed maintenance in the 8 years I lived there.
    Who is going to foot the bill?

  3. Fix the grid already and EMP-harden it while you’re at it. We are one rogue detonation from disaster. One.

  4. “Americans for Limited Government” wants (N)GOs to “upgrade” the nation’s electrical grid?

    Was “NAMBLA’s Safe Scout Camping” all booked up this weekend?

  5. Europe buried their power lines. Granted it was done after the war, and they were essentially starting from scratch. No overhead lines means no storm damage power outages.


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