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  1. Does that include spelling multi syllable words for libtards when I get the dog trying to understand common core math look?

  2. Do not be alarmed. This has been a test of the Emergency Moron System. Had there been a real moron in the site, you would have seen a small mushroom cloud where the idiot had been standing.

  3. I once tried to get down off an elephant.
    Can’t fool me though…I know you get down off a duck.

  4. (That’s when you call everybody “folks”)

    (That’s when you say you “ain’t no ways tarrrd.”)

    (That’s when you tell blacks that “they gonna put y’all back in chains”)

  5. Anon. Biden’s IQ is 89 and he talks down to every one. Especially the black ones. “They’ll put y’all back in chains,” and they love him. Go figure.

  6. As I wrote to BFH…

    I don’t come to IOTWReport to talk down,
    I come here to take a half-arm’s length step back and bitch-slap reality in the face. And I also enjoy reading others doing it as well. This is a strange world.

  7. Saxindacity, that’s an old vaudeville joke that I just heard recently again on Fibber McGee and Molly on XM’s old time radio channel 148. And I still laugh at it, what does that tell you, sometimes the old jokes are the best.

  8. Look, I HAVE to “condescend”, or talk down to the Libtards. If I used my everyday language, with facts instead of feeeeelings, they’d never understand me.

  9. As an engineer every time I pick up the phone and talk to an architect I use small words and speak slowly. Is that condescending?

  10. I’m a little young for Fibber McGee and Molly. But I remember hearing an excerpt from one of their shows. Molly said someone was “like a parachute. Full of air and lets you down easy” I still laugh at that.

  11. The responsibility of being understood is up to the one doing the communicating, so, no. It’s practical common sense.

    Talking above their head would be fruitless and likely frustrating to both of you.

    Ya gotta meet them on their level if ya wanna be understood.

    Nah I meen? Fureel.

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