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1 Ghost (cardinal) at Claudia’s house
2 Dadof4 (Texas Brown Tarantula)
3 Marco (Jamie) Jamie obsessing over wabbit in the yard
4 Jethro (Snapping Turtles) in my yard
5 systemically confused (Kilo and Logan) The boys in repose in a part of DILs Garden of Eden
6 Mansfield Lovell (Auggie) Auggie on a boat ride
7 MMinAR (Kula) Faster than a Challenger 0-60 in 2 seconds. Always got her eye out for that next chomp
8 Groucho Marxist (Maggie Mae) Maggers with her Corona mask. She’s now 14
9 Lowell (Squirrel Cello) My wife, Teresa, took this pic in our back yard of one of the yearling gray squirrels resident here. We think the pup may have been getting sleepy after gorging on the corn at this feeder.

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  1. A nuther fine Sunday collection of photos!
    Good to know that Ed is a responsible owner.
    Wouldn’t want un-registered Tarantulas crawling around!

  2. That first photo is from Ghost at my house. He and Mary Hatch and their family came for a visit last Monday. We had such a good visit, it was like seeing old friends for the first time in years!

    Ghost and Mary, thank you for stopping by and continue to have a wonderful trip! 😉

  3. I love the cardinal bird.We don’t see
    them like we used to here in south Galveston Co.

  4. I just have to comment on something.

    An Austrian Ministry has leaked documents showing that the Skripal episode in England, supposedly a murder using a deadly poison called novichok, was a hoax. The actual toxicology report did not show that poison was used.

    The gov’t made it up, then the Financial Times wrote up the big lie in a giant splash that was covered around the world. Iow, the British gov’t made up evidence to implicate Russia.

    It gets better. The leaked documents have been confirmed by the Austrian gov’t as authentic, however the Financial times wrote a story, in which they cropped off the PROOF that it was an authentic document, and then claimed it came from Russia.

    Let’s stop ANY pretense that liberal media is not just biased, not just selective in their ‘journalism’, doesn’t just ‘make mistakes’.
    NO. They are actively and on purpose making things up and defrauding the public.

    They are part of the effort to overthrow legalities and constitutional norms and create authoritarian dictatorships to do their will.

    They should not be allowed to get away with it.

  5. That Tarantula was on his shoulder just moments before that shot was taken. I know those spiders enough to know that is an aggressive posture. She’s got him in her sights now that he aggressively swiped her off. They can jump a foot or two.

    You will not find a more beautiful specimen of a Texas Brown Tarantula.

    Ed is currently trying to get a close-up of a white skunk running around out there the last few weeks. We’ll set up a posing area once we’re able to identify a good place for it.

  6. Great pictures of our furry and feathered friends. As always Claudia, Thank You and God Bless! 🐕🐾🐈

  7. I hate spiders, any and all kinds of spiders. I wish we had Cardinals and blue birds in the PNW. We do have Stellar’s Jays a type of blue bird that I see on occasion in the mountains in this area. And we could always have more humming birds.

  8. The snapping turtles that reside in the pond across the street from my house come up to lay their eggs in my mulch every June. This one was done, but was exhausted while working its way back across my front lawn toward the pond.

  9. Jameson has been obsessed with the family of bunnies living under his deck. Absolutely obsessed. He spends hours sniffing the deck and barking like a drunken Irishman trying to convince them that they aren’t welcome in his domain. Whenever Jamieboy catches one outside the deck, a mad race ensues around the yard. Sometimes he wakes me up around four o’clock in the morning to let him outside in order to try and surprise them in the moonlight. Jamie hasn’t caught one yet.

  10. Just an aside.
    I saved the life of a Cardinal once – and the damned thing bit the shit outta me!
    Got a hold of that web of flesh between my thumb and forefinger and wouldn’t let go. Heckuva bite on em – there’s no doubt that they can crack seeds and nuts.

    Never said “thanks” or anything. Ungrateful little bastards – similar to some others I could mention.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Thanks for the Sunday feather ‘n fur pics.

    Five days ago I hung a goldfinch thistle sock on a branch of the pine tree east of my kitchen patio doors. It soon attracted the attention of at least 4 couples of the little yellow/black/white birds. They’ve been quite entertaining as they feed, or fight to establish the pecking order on the bag. Two males or 3 or four females will share space, or one male and one female. But if another female attempts to land on the sock, if she isn’t quick departing, after being discovered feeding out of sight on the opposite side of the sock, she gets stern reminder she’d be happier awaiting her turn nearby. Then her mate steps in to force a NSO, new sock order. The near by nut/seed bell feeder attracts woodpeckers, cardinals, and other birds.

  12. Very late evening everyone, but my sense of time in GONE! Which is a good thing, it was very much needed…

    Just today, we saw a American Bison herd in Custer State Park, SD.

    The FIRST ones we saw were in Teddy Roosevlet NP up there in North Dakota.

    We drove a place called The Needles Highway, in which there is a tunnel the with of a car and you can touch the granite walls! We saw three eagles west of Richland Center, WI, two of which, young ones, ON THE GROUND, and a parent up in a nearby tree.

    Oh, did I say we also visited that Anymouse character as well?! Had lunch with him and his in one of Dillengers old hang outs still in operation, call the Dead End. ;>)

    The speghetti dinner at C’s was GEAT (you know we did miss that chicken coop tour though, darn it!) and we met her two sisters! And Sam, Pistol and what was the other one??

    Devils Tower tomorrow, and then Charlie WalksOnwater…

    Thanks C!



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