iOTWr Gathering Plans

One more time. Please email me at if you want me to send your info to a specific planner.

The readers who graciously offered to plan an event in their area:

  • North Denver area
    Note: “Not sure if I can do it all by myself, but willing to give it a shot.”
  • Virginia, Shenandoah Valley, Staunton
    Little Morphin’ Annie
    Note: “Would love to host a gathering out here in the hinterlands, which are conveniently located at the crossroads of interstates 64 and 81, smack dab in the middle of God’s Country.”
  • Forsyth County, Georgia
    Douglas Wakeman
  • SC/GA: Bluffton/Beaufort/Hilton Head/Savannah Region
    Miss Conduct

Anyone interested in attending, email me at Include the following in your email:

(1) your screen name (Your screen name will allow the planners to keep track of who everyone is.)
(2) your email (Your email, obviously, so the planner can contact you.)
(3) the area you live in (The area you live in so the planner can determine the best location for the event to accommodate as many people who want to attend.)
(4) the screen name of the person you want me to forward your information to (I might not know your area, so the screen name of the planner is something I need to know in order to send your information to the correct person.)

That is the information I will then forward to the planner and they will contact you after that.

Planners: I will give people a few days to email be before I collect their information to forward to you.

Also: if any of you would like to help with the planning, please make a note of that in your email and I will also forward that to the planner.

If you don’t find that any of these areas are near enough to you to attend and you would be willing to plan a gathering, email me and I will make an updated post next week.

Otherwise, we will do this again next year and hope for more organizers!

Just so you know, I will not be posting reminders after this in order to keep these meetings on the down-low. Security/Privacy is a concern for some of us and is something that the Pacific NW group learned during their first get-together.

Have fun and enjoy meeting fellow patriots!

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  1. This is a grass roots as it gets! It’s one of the things that makes this place special and interesting. NO one else on the net, or hardly anyone, does shit like this.

    Thanks Claudia and the others for hosting these events and organizing them.

    Maybe I’ll get there one day…

  2. Which one will the iOTW Allstars (BFH, MJA, Claudia, Illustr8r, Dr. Tar) be attending? Travel plans you know.

  3. We will be in Deadwood, SD on Friday July 31st, for three nights, if anyone is in the area, living there or traveling, we could meet at MOUNT RUSHMORE and HUG.

    @Little Morphin’ Annie – we will being staying in Staunton on the way back, of all places, so may we can meet for a tea coffee or BEER? There is a church there with a LOT of Tiffany stained glass windows in it that is the reason for staying there. That would be in and around August 4th or so?

    For anyone, just tell C and she will send you my e-mail.

  4. seaoh, be sure to email me. I need to send your email to Miss Conduct and Little Morphin’ Annie so they can contact you.

  5. Li’l Morphin Annie.
    Yes. Possibly.
    I will be spending a small fortune for two nights at the ocean front Hilton for a couple of nights in September to watch the Oceana air show in VA Beach.
    I can’t be everywhere.

    But I would love to hook up with you guys.

  6. @PHenry – we expect to be in your general perimeter, so who knows?? BTW, thanks for the tip on the PH residence, it’s open!

  7. Have fun you guys! 🙂
    (Hope it works out so that as many of us as possible can head out).

  8. Y’all, I’m ready to put on a hootenanny for my IOTW friends! (No really, yous guys are welcome anytime – I’m originally from Longgisland…)

    Thanks Claudia!

  9. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to visit my neck of the woods.

    You’d be forced to wear a mask in 110 degree heat, and it’s no longer a dry heat. 🌵

    I’m trying to get my folk’s home up for sale, so my travel plans are on hold for the time being. 😿

  10. How timely @Claudia! It was a year ago today that we all got together somewhere over there in the PNW. It was a wonderful weekend of good food and conversations and great people! I just sent an email off to everyone about planning our next one right before I clicked over to iOTWr. 🙂 Hey, look there we are! *waves*

  11. @Ghost. Fur sent me your particulars but i couldnt get email to send. Bounced back. I would love to meet up with ya.
    Will as Claudia to forward my contact info

  12. Or if anyone from “up-North (East)” wants a ride to Joe Dan’s thing in TN on 8/1 (let Claudia know) and you can ride with me. I can only afford one trip this year.

  13. I know of Kcir, but are there any other IOTWers in the Great White North (isn’t that racist?)? Unfortunately Kcir and I cover the eastern and western looney bins (and I don’t mean Canadian dollar) so it probably would not be practical for us to get together.

  14. Last time I gave my info for this I wasn’t contacted and the “organizer” seems to have disappeared. No one stepped up for midwest/great lakes this time though.

  15. @PJ @ecp

    I’m in northern Illinois and Shitcago is definitely OUT!

    Southern Wisconsin? Willing to step up.

  16. @Charlie WalksonWater – sounds great! AS OF NOW, our plan the first three nights in August in Deadwood.

    And @PHenry – I have yours now, so YOU will be heaaarring frommmm meeee…

    This is an IDEA that I HOPE to pull off! Still locking in days off with work and vacay conflicts… :>(

    BUT I think I should be all good. Gulp.


  17. Would love to travel to see iotw’ers but not until the mask bulloney is over. So…after Nov 3. 😁

  18. @Beachmom – if you are ever ‘down easta’ our way, tell @BFH@MJA@Claudia, they can forward our info. Not that anyone wants to visit where we live right now! :>O

    When, and we will, get up there, one of these daze, we’ll let ya know. Get some of that lobster at that place you were giving us daily reports about! That was great…

    ‘But wait? Wait for what??’ AFTER November 3rd?? What if the POTUS does not win?? Then what? NO TRAVEL AT ALL. Mask or no mask, states will set up there own borders. Watch.

    This is NOT directed to YOU @Beachmom (the below), it’s just the concept, the very idea of it, yeah, so what, it’s anti-capitalist movie and well whatever, it’s a fave of ours, George Bailey vs Potter:

    I cannot wait for one. Road trips are in my bones, I was weened in the car so to say,a Chevy 1969 Rambler station wagon. First road trip when I was four to see my brother graduate from the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs. There was nine including my parents in the car!

    That said, now? The travel restrictions that NY is imposing is making this ‘idea’ of a trip a TRIP in the head! I have to make sure that we do not stay in a high spike state, almost twenty on the list now, and then I might have to quarantine when we get back for FOURTEEN DAZE, as required by the place that I work at?!

    Is this all worth it??

    At the same time? We cannot wait to go, you know, that anticipation feeling we all feel prior to ‘an event’ or under taking like this right now with Whuflu and the sporadic violence in places you would NOT think of it happening AT all? A few years ago under a mixed race Marxist it didn’t. Hmmmm.

    Apologies to C for messing with the thread, but I do not know what will happen this summer, after November and well, NEVERMIND next summer.

    We have two teenage boys that need to see things before they may be taken away from us by the Neo-Revisionists.



  19. Little Morphin’ Annie….. How wonderful! I was kicked out of IOTW a bit ago because my views were so very much in support of abortion, the right of choice. But’ I’d love to see what some of you look like and, yep, I would help you.

    Gypsy Hill Park should be an easy, ideal setting.

  20. @ Ramona – I missed that, where in Northern Illinoise are ya?? Same @PJ we are going out via I-80 and I-90 for the most part, on the way back we will be south of you guys.

    We could do a NY drive by…wait. I mean a peaceful drive by…

    @Miss Conduct – you don’t LIVE in Lonk Island now do you??

  21. Looks like the lady in red is still a single issue commenter. It’s possible you don’t want her knowing what you look like. Or where you live.

  22. I’m not dangerous, Joe. I merely do not believe in fascism, forced birthing for all women at all times. I support choice, believe every babe born should be wanted and loved. Crazy, eh?.

    I live in Staunton, the breadbasket of the south, surrounded by 400 acres of cows. I’ve also got a guard donkey named Race and 15 little girl lambs who follow Race around, thinking he is a rock star……I’m not far from Trinity Episcopal Church, the one with the 16 stained glass windows created by Tiffany. The church pre-dates the Civil War, quite beautiful.
    …Lady in Red
    PS: Thanks for your vote of confidence and support

  23. Claudia…… You may axe me from the list; I don’t need the ridicule of the nasty Joe6Paks.

    Best. …..Lady in Red

  24. Lady in Red is a thoughtful, intelligent, humorous commentator. She didn’t get thrown off of IOTW, she just withdrew when she would be barraged by several people all at once for expressing her opinion. I don’t support her opinion on the abortion, yet she has the right to express it. I very much enjoyed her opinions on other issues and would like her to express them more often…..and that’s my opinion…Now back to the true theme of the thread…

  25. LIR, you may not view yourself as dangerous, but many others could view you as having tunnel vision to the point that your ability to mingle within a small group of people could be an issue. I’m sure you’re a fine lady, it would be interesting to hear what else you might have an opinion on. And since you’re a long ways from me I probably shouldn’t be interjecting myself. I’m just generally pissed of about things right now.

  26. @Lady in Red – like I posted I will be in Staunton to SEE those windows you also mentioned (as I did way above), been to over 150 churches so far.

    IF you want to ‘put up or shut up’, as some say, now that I know where you are, send an e-mail to Claudia and let me know. I’m an open person. Stop with the getting axed stuff already. IF I myself have not been thrown off this place yet, no one can be.

    I have only been in this ‘bar’, a old tap room, for a few years now, but you were banned?? How?

    Did you get like a BANNED notice or something? I am really curious about this?

    I am serious though, send C, to me, your e-mail if you think you are banned? We would love to visit 400 acres with cows and such.

    Are there REALLY ‘religious’ anti abortion people here at iOTW that you cannot debate with reason? Maybe?

    THAT is up to YOU to participate or not? But you did throw a grenade into the tent there, you know that correct?

    Is that right? I am NOT into agreements necessarily, but more clarity, that’s all.

  27. Horatio, WTF? Like a cold sore that comes back unexpectedly it was LIR that brought up abortion. She could have said she would be proud to meet other iOTWer’s without bringing up past history or abortion. This is on her. Go back and read the thread LIR brought this on.

    Looks like Horatio deleted his comment, that’s OK. Like I said, LIR could be a fine lady, it just seems like everything revolves around abortion with her.

  28. Other than Bayou Wolf, I don’t think anyone lives near my redneck of the woods, north of NOLA.

  29. Lady in Red’s in favor of killing babies, but Joe6Pak is ‘nasty’?
    I agree, seeimg that as a potential security issue as well, among other things.
    LIR, are you aware there are methods of preventing birth BEFORE conception?
    Yes, really, there are!

  30. @JPM – we will be going to Rock Creek Cemetery on Saturday the 8th of August to see THIS:

    Maybe around 4:00PM? Oh wait! Let me check the cemetery closing time?! So, it might be earlier… but that will be the ONLY stop in DC this time.

    Last time we were there, DC, we bought a white MAGA hat in front of the National Archives from…a black dude! Twenty bucks…it compliments the red one we bought at Trump Tower IMMEDIATELY after the election.

    Send your info to @Claudia or @BFH or @MJA.

  31. Oh for cripes sake Lady in Red got into with Bad Brad.
    Both of them left,Some one was posting under the others name.
    It was a shit show.
    That is a big No No.
    Might be wrong but, Brad came back.
    Lady in Red is a one trick pony.
    Forced Birthing.
    I will stand up for Brad.

  32. Geoff C. The Saltine… forget some of LIR other comments, most are humorous. Yes, she should leave her abortion views on the shelf. Try out Bad_Brad on what ducks eat…That’s some psycho shit right there….which certainly brings us back to the TRUE theme of this thread…..IOTW gatherings….I will gladly travel to any gathering that Plain Jane can attend…..I would be honored to be in the presence of her strength and will….God Bless Plain Jane….

  33. Willy. Some things are hard to forget, she can be very vile.
    Go back in the archives and read some of her comments.
    Plain Jane in one of the best, if we ever get to Indiana she is on our list to see.
    All the best Geoff.

  34. As far as a get together, just do it. The one in the NW was a fun time don’t miss one if it is in your area.

  35. Bad_Brad…what do ducks eat?….explore your previous comments….it’s 2nd grade 4H animal knowledge….Jesus mio you can be such a pig…..

  36. Hey Willy. You and LIR are some rude ass bitches. Why would you pick a fight on a thread that was designed to bring people together? First Joe6 now me. I would think Claudia’s gotta be smoking pissed and rightfully so. Why don’t you man the fuck up and take this someplace else. I’m Sorry Claudia.

  37. I’d offer up the Nevada frontier, but doubt anyone would like that four hour drive to an airport. : (

  38. All,

    Look, C put this up for a reason. The FIRST time, the SECOND time and the THIRD time, in VERY good faith, pun intended.

    PLEASE, just chill out. Or if ya want, what we could do is this? Like a bunch of knuckleheads at the selective Gathering(s):

    McKlintock! 1963

    Make sure you go FULL screen.


  39. Bad_Brad ….you whelped away when you insulted MJA and you know it….LIR went away when she would get pigpiled….don’t blame her cuz she’s certainly outnumbered here and I would be one of them….so,why did you come back Brad? did MJA forgive you or you just couldn’t leave the IOTW juice….I know it’s addictive, but your a posture….I hope you get well….

  40. You Know, I said to Ghost they should all come to Bronx, NY. We have a great club that would love the crowd. BUT we get it. It’s the unknown which can be questionable. We get it. Keep us updated on spots to meet. You never know!

    Gob Bless us all!!

  41. Da’ Bronx. In New York city.


    Closest I would get to that place is like……Tulsa. Why not just have a zoom conference vidya meeting?

  42. I would be willing to host something next year, but this year is just too damn unpredictable. There’s lots to do around this area if only you could (Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, of course, Pizza Barn…or, San Fran – if you want a really shitty experience). I would also consider meeting up with the Arizona folks, as my son and his family live in Scottsdale.

  43. If the fight in the mud was not good enough, here is a much MUCH better one, The Quiet Man, great dialogue @6:53 and at @8:10 for this thread, a John Ford CLASSIC.

    @willysgoatgruff – Per the spirit of the thread and @LIR as well, our offer to visit still stands, to visit the 400 acres, as LIR is in the Staunton area OR we could meet at the church and have a DISCUSSION. And no we do NOT have to talk about ‘choice’. There are other things, MANY THINGS, to discuss as well we cannot all agree on everything.

    @Aaron Burr – yeah, we could go to church at Our Lady of Assumption before the party! We got married there on Roberts Ave.


  44. Jesus wept….. look Yankee Boy, at this point I’ll just leave the keys in the glove box at whatever hotter’ n’ hell place you decide to visit in the middle of summer.

    I’ll leave a Mesikin kid to guard it. He’ll only respond to ”
    fantasma del general de brigada j glover”.

  45. Aaron Burr
    May not get up to the White Mountains till September or October, the property is outside of Show Low.

    Wish I could get up there sooner, but my parent’s saved everything, so not only am I going through their stuff but I’m going through my grandparents and my brother’s things. I have no other siblings, so it’s been kinda rough.

    Add the Kung Fu Flu into the mixture, and I had quite the setback with nobody picking up donations. Cry me a river, that’s why I can’t make travel plans at this point.

  46. Aw hell, I was just in Show Low taking advantage of an Indian selling canoes…

    If you need help, just let me know. Me and muh trusty 66′ pickem’ up truck is at yer disposal.

  47. @Aaron – Da Bronx is fine. I’m not sure whey it has such a bad rep. I’m like Popeye! I am what I am! LOL! My Dad loved his fishing!! Joined a fishign club and we have lots of gatherings there from repasses to bridal showers. But I get it. I wanated to leave as soon as I was married but only went a few miles away to another county. Family is everything and we waned to be close. it will be time to leave soon We’ll see where ?!?!?

    God Bless us all!!

  48. @Aaron Burr – I thought, or read, mesculine…not Mesikan.

    Sooo, put that in the F-100 glove box and I will bitcoin you, or whatever paypal maybe? GoFundYOU? Whatever it takes.

    Deal? Talk about a good old Bronx ‘transaction’…meets Castenada mix.

    BTW ‘Jesus wept’, the shortest verse and the most meaningful one, says it all.

    I hiked the Canyon when it was 118 degrees…no sweat. Pun intended. So maybe Flagstaff for that drop off point?


  49. Flagstaffs fine by me…..just….just gonna’ have use a giant surly Navajo who hates white people to guard the truck.

    No idea how to speak his gibberish language. Just ask him if he’s the fat fuck I asked to guard the truck. Things should go smoothly after that.

    F100…..pfft. You’ll be lucky to get a 1930 dodge on a 4X4 frame.

  50. WOW! the psychosis is deep with Bad-Brad….I’ve never been east of Indiana and LIR says she lives in Virginia, probably with her husband of 30+ years….what the fuck do I know?….My uptake on my 10 plus years of reading IOTW is that it’s the best website on the internet and Bad_Brad is a very knowledgeable dumbass….

  51. LIR: “I support choice, believe every babe born should be wanted and loved. Crazy, eh?”

    Every baby is wanted and loved; by God. God is the giver of life and the decider on when that life ends, not us.

  52. Gentle persons……There are many things which interest me and about which I care deeply, starting with the future of America, but it trails like octopus tentacles from there to trade policies, NATO, crime, equality, so much.

    Without wanting to embarrass you, I find this collection of interesting people about whom I’ve cared, over years, the Hans the Horse One Trick Pony, the gathering which huddles, carrots in ears, singing lalalalala: I have a direct red line phone to the Lord and I am told not to think upon this matter. The unthinking fascists are not me.

    In years, only Fur has been sympathetic to my views, and mostly he just shrugs.

    No one has ever written, “I disagree, but take your point; let’s talk.”

    It reminds me of the BLM fascists in the other direction; fascists, in either direction, frighten me: I know The Answer and I Don’t Think…..

    Anyway, although I will not be here for your party, I do recommend Gypsy Hill Park, with grills and pavilions one can reserve, for free.

    The park has a golf course and a full size minor league baseball stadium, almost ripped from the pages of 1950 Saturday Evening Post.

    The park also has a band shell, where the Stonewall Jackson Brigade Band has played since the Civil War, every week.

    The Tiffany windows at Trinity Episcopal can make you cry. You should tour Shakespeare’s Blackfriars Playhouse, unique in the world. We are building, at some point The Globe, his outdoor theatre.

    There are no overhead lighting wires in Staunton and my husband convinced them, when they were replacing the sidewalk with brick to install 5G fiber optic. The city is very wired. The streetlights are old fashioned, and lovely.

    It’s only a forty minute drive to Monticello, not really a home or museum in honor of Jefferson, but more an inspiration of the mind of the man the likes of which we may never know. (It always makes me shake and cry, in awe.)

    A walk in the George Washington National Park is not far, if you’d like a hike.

    My husband and I “converted” from The People’s Republic of Massachusetts some years ago and Staunton fits like a custom glove. I can see both the Blue Ridge and the Alleghenies from my home….

    If you’re within 100 miles, it is worth the adventure. I wish you all well, that you enjoy my city. ……Lady in Red

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