iOTWreport Interview With Laura Loomer

Pinko and I had a chat with Laura Loomer and she discusses her reasons for interrupting the Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar, the one that has Donald Trump stabbed to death by a gang of minorities.

She talks about the frustration of being condemned by some on the right for using “left-wing tactics.”

She talks about being frustrated by a media that delegitimizes the right no matter what they say and how they say it and the failure of the left in government to condemn violent rhetoric and behavior towards the right.

It’s an interesting conversation and I thank Laura for taking the time with us on such a hectic and demanding day for her.


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  1. If you think she’s mistaken about the NeverTrumpers go read some of the comments at The Right Scoop.

  2. F4UCorsair

    Stupid Mex screwed that place up. I use to enjoy it until some how or other he was added to the place.

  3. Wish 10,000 of us could have been with her (all with cans of mace). Where in the name of God do we go next? Communist/dems have BLOOD in their eyes, and the Rinos in DC don’t give a damn. 2018 is going to be a disaster. Rinos know we won’t vote dem, BUT I for one won’t vote for another Rino, either!

  4. I thought it was a great Interview and I do side with her.
    She was well within the bounds of Free Speech an the Left could sure do with some retaliation!

  5. We need more brave souls on our side. Laura spoke up for us. Seems like it is getting close to being a life or death situation for Republicans now, if not already. Is it the Left that just gets to speak up? That is pretty one-sided thinking on our side, if so. Might as well live on our knees.

  6. About damn time.

    Good for her. Stalwart lady.

    The Secret Service, FBI and NY State Troopers should have slammed the hammer down after the first night.
    They’ve also violated their Nonprofit restrictions in promoting political violence. IRS needs to revoke their status and prosecute. Let all involved spend the next 5 years trying to beat felony IRS tax evasion raps in addition to the other charges.

  7. My point was is she a celebrity or tv anchor. Or just someone sitting at home with the kids and decided to do this.
    Is she someone we all know like a Megan Kelly

  8. Laura Loomer is a right-wing investigative journalist and activist. Originally from Arizona, Laura began her journalism career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas from 2015-2017.

  9. If the Left and #NT-“Right” has conniption fits about what this woman did (emulating e.g. BLM tactics),
    wait until someone on the Right decides to emulate Hodgkinson’s tactics.

    All bets are already off; it’s just a matter of time.

    The ONLY thing that *could* fend it off – and I’m 99% sure it won’t happen – is if the law enforcement authorities at local, State and Federal levels crack down on the organized criminality (not just violence…after all, they got Al Capone on tax evasion!) of the Left.

    And shut it down. Once. And. for. All.

    Like I said, ain’t gonna happen.

  10. she didnt do this in from of a bunch of radical paid rioters, she brought it home to people who are not the average griffin. To those who thought they were in their safe space. I agree with her.

  11. I believe that if “Shakespeare in the Park” gets a little taste of the Charlie Hebdo treatment, those little sissy bitches would change their tune in a heartbeat. Those that survived. The others can take their Trump hatred to their graves.

    I hope it happens. I really do.

  12. In 2012 they had President Obama as Julius Caesar. Where was your outrage then? Yeah, explain that. We’re waiting.

  13. Larry, post some details with your straw-man comparison.
    Nobody remembers this.
    It got no play, no taxpayer funding, no Time-Warner funding, and no support from conservatives.
    Then again, you already knew that.

  14. Larry – please post a VIDEO of the outrageous play with Obama getting killed on stage.
    I’ll outrage now for ya when you find the video. Good luck with that.

  15. I remember when they did the play with Obama as Caesar.
    The left complained, then a right-wing nut shot up a congressional basketball game putting Charlie Rangel in the hospital.
    The right felt so stupid about having that violent play they canceled it rather than exacerbate the climate of violence they were creating.

    Do I remember it right??

  16. She brought it home to an audience preening to be part of a political statement, not to enjoy Shakespeare.

  17. How much of a ‘Golden Boy’ would Donald Trump be if he were black/half black/ Injun/Mexican/Airdale?….there ya go…

  18. I guess CNN asked Laura to join them for a character assassination, I mean interview and she told them to fuck off. I’m liking her more and more.

  19. I sense a disturbance in the schwartz……..

    Thanks Brad for the other info.

    All I remember is the outrage over the Nebraska
    Barky library in the parade. Loved it! Oh, and the
    Barky mask on a clown in a rodeo.


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