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Illegal Immigration

I am a police officer in a large suburb outside of Grand Rapids, MI.  I’m not going to name the police department, for obvious reasons.

Just to let you know, I am a fervent follower of the Lord Jesus and a firm Constitutionalist, neither trait will win you any awards in a government job.

Whenever I run across information on an illegal immigrant, I write a report and forward the information to ICE.  I do not arrest the person, even though I do think I would have the authority.  I believe that it is ICE’s responsibility, since the Constitution charges the federal government with protecting national security and with the protection of our borders.

I was taken aside by my supervisor after a discussion about illegal immigration with him and several other officers and I was ordered to “ask permission” to write any reports about illegal immigration in the future.

I considered this to be an unlawful order, so I spoke with my union rep and he agreed.  However, I have not been ordered to not write these reports yet, only ordered to “ask permission”, so I have not pressed the issue.

My question to you and the iOTWreport community is this:

Do you, as citizens, want local police officers to report illegal immigration to the Feds?  Do you want police officers to butt out of a federal issue?  Do you think police administrations should be able to order their officers to not take reports about crimes?

I think I know what the answers will be but I’d like to open the discussion.  Also, I want to assure you and your readers that there are cops out there that believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, freedom, liberty, responsibility and in the greatness of America and her people.  Cops who will do what they can to uphold true justice.  We are being systematically weeded out.  We are a dying breed.  But we are out here.

Please pray for us.  Support us.  Help us to take a stand.  Be vocal.  Get involved.  I feel like an island at times.  A lone light in a world full of darkness.  We need the good people of this country to stand.  Stand up for what is right.  What is just.

Officer “Muddjuice.”

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  1. *Do you, as citizens, want local police officers to report illegal immigration to the Feds? YES, DEFINITELY
    *Do you want police officers to butt out of a federal issue? NO!
    *Do you think police administrations should be able to order their officers to not take reports about crimes? NO!

  2. thank you for your service, i pray for our law enforcement officers like family

    my brief answers to your three questions are as follows, in order as asked

    yes, report all illegal immigration to the feds, you are charged with protecting the local populace

    no,do not butt out of fed issues, where they impact the safety of your citizenry

    no, the administration should not direct you to not report crimes committed by illegals, this is insane by a by-product of our current complete paucity of leadership

    god bless, be safe

  3. We know you are out there. Were you not, and doing what you do with or without official permission, the rest of us suffer more.

    Some of us actually see the pressure being applied to the officers to just ‘do’ policy, rather than the duty.

    You are not the first officer I’ve heard this from, all the others have been in person, one to one, however.

    I have no wise counsel for you. I can how ever tell you my hope. Keep being a cop. From what you’ve written and how you phrased your concerns, you’re intelligent. We need you where you are.

    Don’t do anything impetuous enough to get yourself fired. I’ll bet you know other officers like yourself, or leaning that way. Form a cabal. Look after each other.

    We need you and those like you more every day.

    If you come under unbearable pressure, and I know this is a difficult thing to ask, go public. Go to the media with a well documented (Always get tape, Ray!) case against those who do not embrace the law.

    That’s how us out here will know you need help. And that your cause is valid.

    God bless and keep you.


  4. They are criminal trespassers.
    If you give them any rights or privileges that you would deny me as a citizen then you become part of the problem.
    If you would arrest me for removing a criminal trespasser that you purposefully ignore, then you ARE the problem.
    Yeah, it’s tough, but honestly, if you won’t stand for principles then you should find another career.

  5. Remember the way it happened:
    Family against family.
    Brother against brother.
    Friend against friend
    Cop against Cop.
    Soldier against soldier
    And the sly stood to the side, and waited.

  6. Obama’s presence has caused many many of our governmental institutions to become politicized, and they are ever more siding against the decent people, and I hate it.

  7. I feel the same way as everyone else commenting. I worked back in the day before the feds renamed INS to ICE. They used to call our pd and request patrol to assist in raids on illegals. Then it seemed to suddenly stop. Then when I arrested someone for an additional crime and called INS, they wouldn’t come pick up anymore. Then, I was told don’t arrest unless there’s an additional crime. It was extremely frustrating. It has been going on a long time here and since I don’t work there anymore I don’t mind saying it was an agency that people referred to as ” mountain town”. In Commiefornia…

  8. Not too far off topic but I was watching ABC tonight and they advertised a special one hour episode of Blackish’ next Wednesday.
    The scenes show a country-wide race riot.
    Likely spurred by a police officer shooting an innocent, like Big Mike. Sigh*

    The police are getting it from all fronts.
    I never thought I would live to see an occupant in the White House that vehemently hates the police and all they stand for.

    All I can say to the officer is that I would carry three times as much ammo as I used to. Perhaps an extra hidden firearm or two.

  9. A law is being broken. Fed, State, Local. Makes no difference. Report them. And when you supervisor asks you if you asked permission tell them you no speaky the Spanish.

  10. Anon.
    We all have this problem, and it is a real one.
    If we are forced to take matters into our own hands because the authorities refuse to, as is happening in Europe, it is right to question whose side he would be on.
    The side of the criminal, or the side of the citizen?

  11. Dear Officer,

    First off I will be praying for you and your colleagues, as will my high school Sunday school class that I teach this Sunday.

    As a Constitutionalist, you seem to understand the duty of your job. People who really believe in a truth, whether it be God, Jesus, The Constitution, Liberty, Justice, etc… can process these things and prioritize them accordingly. And as humans we have the ability to prioritize depending on the situation. But you also have a rule of conduct which may prioritize differently. AND on top of that you may have unspoken rules in your work that forces you to prioritize things even differently.

    “Depending upon the situation” is what you do for a living, and I feel humbled even mentioning that because that is what every working American does, but you hold a job where it is life or death. The problem is not you, the problem you are expressing resides in those above you professionally, and they probably feel the same, professionally. But why don’t they push it like you? Well, they probably have teens and maybe even college students and are afraid. This is the biggest obstacle I have found in those I push: THEY ARE AFRAID. They have livelihoods that they want to maintain.

    So that said, how do we recruit those people, the higher ups? Well that’s up to you to make contact with them and help them understand the basics. They need to understand it the way you do!

  12. Economics – the study of the decisions people make when confronted with mutually exclusive demands for a limited resource.

    Praxeology – the study of human action.

    @Muddjuice – you are in a difficult situation and you have my sympathy because by asking the questions that you ask you make it clear you are a thoughtful and principled man. It may seem odd that I offer an answer couched in economic terms, but bear with me.

    The resource for which you are experiencing multiple demands, demands that cannot all be satisfied, is primarily your time and expertise. The demand for that time comprises all of the laws that you are in a position to see are followed. It is clear that there are far too many laws for any one person to try to enforce all of them, so someone, somewhere, simply must make some choices about where to spend that time resource. Thus the above working definitions.

    You may be fortunate and may have the privilege of making that kind of priority choice yourself. If that is the case, then you need to decide according to your own values and principles what the best uses of your time and efforts are. Do not expect to get the answer anywhere other than from within yourself: trying to satisfy multiple others is an effort doomed to failure.

    If the prioritization of your efforts is not under your control, and this is all too common in rigid hierarchical structures such as police departments, then you either agree or disagree with your orders. If you agree, all is well, of course. But if you disagree you have two choices: if after trying to get your superior to change his mind the priorities stay the same, you either have to accept your orders or find another employer more likely to be in agreement and alignment with what you deem important.

    That may not be the kind of answer you were looking for, but that’s all I can honestly say to you, other than I wish you a satisfactory outcome to the problematic situation you find yourself in. Good luck!

  13. I carry keep a few $25 dollar gift certificate cards to Academy Sports in my wallet. When I have the opportunity to speak to a police officer I shake their hand, apologize for the terrible way the media is bashing them, remind them a large percentage of the public respects them, and hand over a card saying it is a simple way for my wife and I to thank them for their service. It is always a touching moment and I am pleased that they know the public cares.

    Some other poster suggested this in the past and I encourage others to pick up their idea.

  14. I just don’t think the feds can be trusted with the jobs we expect them to do. But I would like for LEOs to do whatever they can to control the illegal activity of the border crashers — as long as it does not jeopardize their safety or their job security.

    I know officers in my county who notify immigration about illegals and they say that most of the time they won’t even come to pick them up. The biggest part of the problem is at the federal level.

    We need a commander in chief who is willing to remedy the border problems. I’m sure that would make LEO jobs a little easier, maybe less stressful.

    Hang in there, and thank you for your service Muddjuice.

  15. Under the last 2 Presidents the Feds
    have abrogated their responsibility to
    defend the country from foreign invasion.
    As a police officer, if you take an oath
    to defend the Constitution, I think it will
    require that you do the job of the oath breakers.
    God bless you for trying to do an often
    thankless job.

  16. Muddjuice – I’ve had supervisors say stupid things to me. Tell him to put that directive in writing. Better yet, have your union rep do it. I’ve been in that position after making arrests; hell, a sergeant even listed my partner and I as assault suspects in a follow up police report after the mook resisted a DWI arrest.

    It may be that your superiors are not aware of the order your supervisor gave and his order may even be contrary to your agency’s rules and regs. Get it in writing. The very act of demanding that your supervisor acknowledge his order may shut him up.

    Now as to your question:
    I’ve been sued twice over my actions as a police officer (once in state and once in federal court) over bullshit and it is not pleasant. Document everything you do. It may only be a simple field observation report but it is still an official business document of your agency and may help to protect you if things go south.

    People are getting real fed up with the invasion of the USA and people in charge will be looking for heads to roll other than their own to placate a pissed off citizenry.

    If some beaner ends up raping/killing someone and you had prior contact with him, the brass may (will) offer your ass up just to cover themselves.
    In. A. Heartbeat.
    Been there, done that, attended the fund raisers for cops who got f***ed.

  17. Thanks to all for your thoughtful responses. I appreciate all the offered opinions. I know in my heart what I must do, but my head worries about the effect my decisions will have on other people: my wife, my kids, my fam, my friends, etc.

    I have already considered the “get it in writing” option and will do so when that time comes. To JohnS’s comment about me possibly being part of the problem and finding a new career, believe me, I’ve been considering it. Not because I’m a coward and want to flee, but because I have to consider my family and what’s best for them.

    I have never been one to shirk responsibility. I have a strong sense of right and wrong, thanks to my earthly father and my Heavenly Father! I have faith. I trust the Lord to lead me in the right path. But I am humble enough to realize when a problem is way bigger than what I can handle. That’s why I value your opinions and advice. Thank you for your time and please pray for faithful people in law enforcement.


  18. Obama has decimated the military, and is doing the same to out police force. And the assault on constitutional rights will continue, and probably be sped up during the next 10 months, especially if the damn GOP senate caves on the Supreme Court appointment.

    I always wonder what dirty laundry McConnell and the others don’t want aired, because Obama has a string leash on them.

  19. Do your duty to your duty in obedience to the Spirit’s direction always, and when it is time to move on (and it will be because the gov’t no longer supports the Constitution basis of AL laws in the USA) continue to do the same without regret.

  20. Don’t stick your neck out unless you’re 100% willing to have your head cut off (metaphorically, of course).

    Moral courage is probably the more difficult of the two (physical and moral) because the physical can be augmented by adrenaline while the moral demands something far deeper … perhaps character … or soul.

    I don’t know, as I have neither.

    Good luck and God Bless.

  21. Muddjuice, keep your relationship with the Lord your primary focus. The Father will order your steps and The Holy Spirit will comfort and give you peace as you obey God.
    Just know that whatever God instructs you to do, He will never leave nor forsaken you. Don’t worry about those close to you, GOD will provide in great ways you can’t imagine or understand because of your obedience.
    Stay strong and continue to stand. Pray for a hedge of protection over you loved ones and yourself by the Blood of Christ.
    Remember, every good and perfect thing comes from God who loves you.
    Literally, keep the faith and know this too shall pass. Thank you for your service.

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