Iowa Men Arrested Breaking Into Courthouse Were Hired To Test Security

KFI: Two men who were hired by Iowa state officials to test the security of electronic court records are facing charges after they were caught breaking into a courthouse. Police say the men, identified as Justin Wynn and Gary Demercurio, burglarized the Polk County Historic Courthouse before getting busted while breaking into the Dallas County Courthouse two days later. read more

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  1. …this reminds me of the time a local village pulled over a guy in the pre-Clinton era for something, and found some cannabis in the car. The officer was kind enough to just confiscate it and cite to court (remember, this was back when they WOULD arrest you for this, and impound your car besides) and let him go. He dropped it at the nearby police station, where the perp saw him go, then left.

    Observing this, the fellow decided he wanted his spliff back, or maybe just wanted the evidence. Either way, seeing as how this was just an unmanned, Mayberry-type station, he figured it’d be an easy score. To that end, he went around to the back and started work in the door, apparently with the notion that police just piled the pot on the floor and rolled around in it, so it would be right there where he could get it.

    Unbeknownst to either of them, the officer returned to the FRONT of the station during these proceedings to do some paperwork, and opened the FRONT door just as the formerly lucky fellow opened the REAR.

    They met more or less in the middle. It didn’t go well.

    …on the other hand, he DID get to spend the balance of the night in the same building as his pot after all, but it turns out the cell door had a MUCH better lock on it than the BACK door…


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