Iowa: Trannies Sue Because Government Won’t Pay For Transition Surgery


Two transgender individuals sued the state of Iowa on Thursday because the state’s Medicaid coverage does not provide insurance for sex reassignment surgery.

The two biological men — now identified by the names Carol Ann Beal and EerieAnna Good — filed a lawsuit against the Iowa Department Of Human Services, alleging discrimination over the state government’s refusal to cover the cost of transgender surgeries, The Des Moines Register reported. Transition related surgeries not covered include: cosmetic, reconstructive, or plastic surgery.

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18 Comments on Iowa: Trannies Sue Because Government Won’t Pay For Transition Surgery

  1. I wonder if these two mentally ill deviants know, or care, that a U.S. pioneer in sex reassignment surger, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, stopped doing them quite some time ago because they realized it was wrong to mutilate crazy people (they used different words but their meaning was clear).

  2. Sad to say John’s Hopkins Hospital has forcefully retired the one sane surgeon on staff and is now back in business.

    Of course it is impossible to change ones sex. All mad scientists can do is mutilate the reproductive organs and fool the body with hormones. IMHO it’s the hormones that finally put these mentally ill creatures over the edge.

    If the chromosomes are XX or XY you’re stuck wit dat.

  3. I’m getting good at this. Before opening the link, Iowa Trannies sue… I said to myself, what? Both of them?

    AAaand it’s 2 people.

    I’m no Rhodes scholar but after a while you come to realize that a movement can be compromised of only 2 people.

  4. They should be offered supplemental male hormones, nothing more. Possibly a few months of counseling. And maybe a rabbit’s foot or a four leaf clover.

  5. What’s wrong with paying for it yourself?
    Stingy bastards want the rest of the policy pool to pay for their perversion.
    You want tits? Go buy them like every other self respecting stripper!

  6. Today, the doctors are making a bundle off of gender reassignment surgeries. In about 10 years, it will be the lawyers who will be getting rich off of them.

  7. If we are going to have to pay for this, then we should also pay for the big boob implants, vajajay refreshers, nose jobs, and everything that is considered cosmetic. Yeah, this is bs.


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