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Iowa’s Biggest Newspaper Endorses Marco Rubio

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TWS: On Saturday evening, the Des Moines Register endorsed Marco Rubio for the Republican presidential nomination:

Sen. Marco Rubio has the potential to chart a new direction for the party, and perhaps the nation, with his message of restoring the American dream. We endorse him because he represents his party’s best hope.  MORE

12 Comments on Iowa’s Biggest Newspaper Endorses Marco Rubio

  1. LOL! Like the Des Moines Register care about ” his party’s best hope”.

    It’s just like Chuckie Schumer convincing Rubio that without the Republicans passing immigration reform (amnesty), the Republicans would never win the Presidency again.

    Like BHO, Rubio is a broke dick conman, just a different flavor.

    Go Trump!

  2. They were probably going to endorse Kasich until the GOP ruling class started putting up some cash.

    He’s more (D) policy wonk type they would prefer over Sanders, who will never be elected in the general if the (D) fail to steal the nomination from him.

  3. Don’t be surprise if Rubio wins most of the “Caucus” states. The fat boys in the smoke filled back rooms want open borders, end of story.

  4. Had to live in Des Moines for 5 years because of work in the mid 2000’s unfortunately. The capital is like California Central America, anything outside is mid-America, home grown conservatives. Can’t understand why people think anything coming out of Des Moines is deemed important. Biggest group of libtards and homosexuals I ever had to deal with outside of the coasts.

  5. I enjoyed the scene from “The Stand” when Des Moines was burning down.

  6. Ah yes! Livin’ La Vida Rubio

    Also, don’t forget the popular pool party game where one has his eyes closed and tries to find the others by sound.


    Everyone else: RUBIO!!

  7. They endorsed Marco and were then going to endorse Amnesty and open borders and then realized that they just did!

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