Iran Hosts Conference on ‘Police Brutality Against Blacks in America’

WFB: Iran is hosting a three-day conference this week focusing on “police brutality against blacks in America,” according to the event announcement.


Foreign Desk reported that the event’s organizer, Nader Talebzadeh, told an Iranian news outlet that he had extended invitations to the conference to 30 “anti-Israel blacks” from the United States. He said that the conference, beginning Monday, would feature “human rights defenders” and “social activists.”

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9 Comments on Iran Hosts Conference on ‘Police Brutality Against Blacks in America’

  1. Just like the Soviets used to do:

    “You commies put people in gulags for their political beliefs!”

    “Well, you capitalists lynch all of your negoes!”

  2. capitalist reply – “silly commie, hung negroes can’t pick no cotton”. “that’s why communism can never be successful, you are always destroying your means of creating wealth”.

  3. Cambyses conquered Egypt and parts of Libya and Ethiopia so maybe Rouhani can show the world the descendants of those slaves and how well they’ve integrated into izlamic society?

  4. This is how you absolutely know for certain when something is pure propaganda – when yer enemies start pushing it! The Leftist/Communist agenda is being pushed from within by organizations named for exactly the opposite of their intent and wholly supported abroad by our enemies who are laughing at the ease of which the gullible Ignoranus’s on the left and in the inner-city eat it up!

    This is exactly how we also know Global Warming and CO2 is complete bullshit when Radio China and Radio Havana target shortwave broadcasts toward the North American continent, in English, telling US what WE should do to control Global Warming and CO2 emissions. Yes, that’s right, from countries that don’t give two shits about how much they pollute, but are licking their chops at bringing down the West! Pure Propaganda!

  5. Okay, that’s it. I will host my own conference on “Intolerant Shitstain Muslims Who Rape Women and Fling Gays off Rooftops.”

    Sign up: Fur, I’d like you to be the keynote speaker. Your honorarium will be dinner at Carlo’s on Tuckahoe Road.

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