Iran Lying About Western Firms Doing Business There

In an apparent ploy to trick companies to do business with the Islamic Republic, Iran has been placing false stories in its local media claiming specific firms have cut deals and are operating there. It could also be an attempt by the regime to convince its own people that they are indeed opening up the nation to the world for economic opportunities.

When inquiries were made of the various firms named in Iranian media, including Toyota and DuPont, all denied they had any dealings with the international sponsor of terrorism.


4 Comments on Iran Lying About Western Firms Doing Business There

  1. Iran is lying about foreign firms doing business there.That is perfectly ok for muzzlems to lie to non muzzlems. It is part of their way of life. I’m surprised more politicians don’t belong. Their job is to lie to everybody, so nobody knows what the truth is.

  2. I work at a place with dealings and interests all over the world. During the last administration, when they started talking about opening up Cuba and the big nuclear deal to welcome Iran back into the loving arms of the vaunted World Community, the absolute highest levels of this Fortune 50 company were openly excited and issuing press releases at the prospect of going into these countries at the first jump. Even sent a delegation to Cuba.

    Not that they would listen, but it’s moments like that where you want to put Lee Corso on a loop exclaiming “not so fast, my friend”.

    Those countries never changed. Unsafe for investment or workers there. Antithetical to our values. US Policy almost changed because we had a fucking traitor in charge who liked sucking off dictators and bowing to authoritarians. Those were his principles – not ours allegedly.

    Apparently not.

  3. Look up who services their power plants. Then look up that companies holdings in the news media. Then you’ll get it.

  4. Arab muzzies, lawyers, and politicians (The Department of Redundancy Department)……how do you know they’re lying? Their lips are moving.


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