Iran shuts schools, cultural centers as coronavirus kills five

Good time to ban travel from the Middle East, no?

I hope Iran still has some 0bama money left to handle themselves.

Tehran (AFP) – Iran on Saturday ordered the closure of schools, universities and cultural centres after a coronavirus outbreak that has killed five people in the Islamic republic — the most outside the Far East.

The moves came as Iranian authorities reported one more death among 10 new cases of the virus.

Since it emerged in December, the new coronavirus has killed 2,345 people in China, the epicentre of the epidemic, and 17 elsewhere in the world.

The COVID-19 outbreak in Iran first surfaced on Wednesday, when authorities said it claimed the lives of two elderly people in Qom, a Shiite holy city south of the capital.

They were the first confirmed deaths from the virus in the Middle East. Iran reported two more deaths on Friday.

“We have 10 new confirmed cases of COVID-19,” Iran’s health ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour told state television on Saturday. more

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  1. Iran’s Sexiest Goat winner sentenced to death as an Israeli spy as coronavirus scandal rocks the Guardian Council.

  2. Arab countries aren’t exactly known for their stellar hygiene practices. Prime ground for spread, especially when one considers the zoonotic epidemelogy factors inherent to goat fornication.

  3. America Bob is correct, and since fecal transmission is the most virulent vector the ME is doomed.

    Ironically Iran bring Persian is considered to be one of the more “sophisticated” ME countries.


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