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Iran Targeted In Massive Cyber Operation


An Iranian hacktivist group on Sunday launched a large-scale cyber attack against Iran’s government, compromising several networks and gaining intelligence on the regime’s inner workings.

“Uprising till Overthrow,” the group behind the attack, is reportedly affiliated with Iran’s largest and most prominent opposition group, the exiled People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, or MEK, which is based in Albania.

In the operation, Uprising till Overthrow took over at least six websites and defaced several others with pictures of Iranian resistance leaders, according to the MEK.

The cyber offensive targeted the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, which helps export the regime’s Islamist ideology abroad. The organization’s leadership is appointed by the supreme leader of Iran. more

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  1. Good, but…

    They are going from shitting in a plastic bucket to Shoitting in a plastic bucket.

    Iran in the 70’s was a whole different story. It was modern.

  2. Fug all if I care. We have more important issues to deal with right here at home.

    Yes, I’m talking about the Gentleminion movement being CRUSHED before our very eyes.

    It’s just a bunch of mostly white teens who wear a suit and tie to go see the Minions movie. That’s it. And the nationwide response? BAN THESE BASTARDZ!!!! And they do. I care because when I was their age I was Mod. I got the same treatment everywhere I went. Fucking scumbag boomers with white afros and bell bottoms calling us fags for looking like normal Americans. Never will I stop hating them.

    Anyway. These are good kids going to see a movie where they clap politely. Support these kids. The people who freak out over them are fucking satanic scum who need to have their collective noses broken.

    Pardon my screed. One of our members got runned off the road and killt. So I’m at wah.

  3. @Aaron Burr

    My kid heading out to the movies with his friends all in their suits and with fresh haircuts makes (well, a little) more sense now. 😂

    But in all seriousness, sorry to hear about your member.

    As for Iran, behold my field …

  4. Aaron Burr,

    People are also known to dress well for Jordan Peterson talks as a sign of showing seriousness, respect & purpose.

    Its a good thing.

    Also, Sorry about your friend.

  5. Friend? If it was a friend we’d have a funeral and go about our business.

    This guy’s a member. A Brother. Full patch 1%’er. Things are about to go very badly for everyone involved.


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