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  1. Could we see flattened nuke facilities, courtesy of the Israelis, in those mullah-f**kers near future?

  2. If it was such a great agreement and kept the Iranians from getting what they want why are the ragheads pissed?

    If it kept the Iranians down and prevented them from doing anything they would be celebrating now, correct?

    I personally like to keep our enemies on their heels.

  3. How can you take seriously someone walking around with that idiotic head piece. They dress like some alien character in a 1950’s third rate UFO movie.

  4. “What gives here” we had a deal with the two bit hustler we had installed in the White House. He was bought and paid for!

  5. It’s like a mushroom cloud

    on Your Wedding Day

    It’s like dirty Money

    that didn’t get paid

    Isn’t Iranic don’t Ya think

  6. Iran is about to go the way of the Dodo bird.

    Let’s see your filthy satanic ‘allah’ (piss be upon him) help you now.

    Muslim assholes.


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