Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Breaks Out In Sweats, Coughs On Reporters – Tests Positive For Coronavirus Next Day – IOTW Report

Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Breaks Out In Sweats, Coughs On Reporters – Tests Positive For Coronavirus Next Day

Times of Israel

Iran’s deputy health minister, Iraj Harirchi, has been infected with the new coronavirus, he said on Tuesday, amid a major outbreak in the Islamic republic.

Harichi said in a video clip he was “formally announcing” that he has the virus, but that he was sure “Iran will overcome” the outbreak.

“The coronavirus test for Mr Harirchi, the deputy health minister who was on the front lines combating the coronavirus, was positive,” Alireza Vahabzadeh, a media adviser to the health minister, said in a tweet earlier Tuesday.

Harirchi coughed, wiped his face and eyes, and appeared to be sweating heavily during a press conference on Monday with government spokesman Ali Rabiei. More

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  1. Lets keep traveling all over the world, maybe we’ll learn something about contagious diseases and how they are spread.

  2. Farrakhan was out this week damning America for the killing of “his brother” Soleimani.

    I hope they romanced the same herd.

    What part of siding with the Quds qualifies for designating Nation of Islam as a domestic terrorist org?

  3. In a perfect world, the US Press Corps would have been on hand to get some of that projected viral spray.
    Jim Acosta…front row!

  4. “……Coughs On Reporters……”
    Hopefully Jim Accosta/CNN and other members of the DeMSM presstitutes were in that crowd.

  5. Patriots who are busy trying to wake people about the dangers of tyranny must not forget to prepare themselves.

    The collapse isn’t some hypothetical theory. The collapse is happening right now.

    The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state. The elites committed fraud and received billion dollar bailouts.

    Americans only care about bread and circuses and the ruling class knows that they can get away with anything now. Anyone who has studied a little history can see that the globalists want the 99% dead.

    This is no joke.

    Americans must make multiple plans. Will the USA collapse due to an economic crash, an epidemic, terrorism, a natural disaster, or war?

    Americans can’t ignore planning.

    If you think you will just cross the border when the USA collapses, what will you do when the border is closed?

    What will you do when the government sets up checkpoints and closes off neighborhoods?

    What will you do the Internet shuts down or ATM machines don’t work?

    What will you do when the stock market falls by 75%, companies close, and the government begins bail-ins on bank accounts?

    What will you do when inflation is 1 million percent?

    You won’t be able to stock up when there are roving mobs of starving rioters.

    Buying a boat will be impossible when no one wants to sell one.

    Don’t underestimate your supplies. If you think that a month worth of food will be enough, why not keep a supply that will last a year?

    Be mobile or stock up.

    Keep multiple currencies on hand. Go to the store and buy guns, gold, canned food, water, and rice today.

    Pass the word.

  6. I expect the local Walmart shelves to be empty soon, once the goods that are in transit have been received, I don’t think much more is going to be shipped very soon.

  7. Free Speech Forum February 26, 2020 at 11:00 am paints a picture of the wondrous world of Greta, AOC, Bernie and the green new deal. Total breakdown and no more driving our carbon belching vehicles. No way to move beef or corn so no need to plant or continue raising cattle. No timber needed or way to do it.
    The wondrous world of tomorrow.

    Do ya think this might have a connection with wanting to disarm us?

  8. The Mossad, you magnificent bastards! How did you get the timing down so perfect on the Iranian Minister of Health!?

    If it really wasn’t you then realise a debriefing on all the ways it was not you and then conclude the only answer is “it was the hand of God” and by “God” you mean 100% not “Allahahahah”.

  9. As long as the earth abides (as it has always done), Americans (and others), the human spirit and its will to anticipate, plan and survive will always prevail.

    Otherwise, we would not already have early warnings from others on sites like the IOTW Report.

    So, my only concern is: Did Jeffrey Epstein REALLY kill himself?


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